Alphonse Clemons (portrayed by Patrick R. Walker) is a former associate of Rashad Tate.


Season 6Edit

In Inside Man, Alphonse takes Dre out to do business on the streets. However, Dre showed him his own methods.

At Truth, Alphonse leads Spanky and 2-Bit into a robbery at the fundraiser, and the robbery. Alphonse is nearly recognized by Tate who states he knows him but Alphonse silenced him by threatening him with his gun. Ultimately, the robbery is a success with Spanky and 2-Bit moving out. However, Alphonse stops and asks Ramona about her sex tape with her ex-husband, and presses a gun to her face. Ramona isn’t fazed while he likes her spirit. James distracts Alphonse after he secretly gives Tate his gun before Alphonse knocks James to the ground. However, Tate pulls out the gun, while ordering Alphonse to drop his gun and reveals the latter's name, as Alphonse stares at James for setting him up but keeps silent. Alphonse and Tate stare each other down, with Alphonse trying to shoot first but Tate shot him dead. Tate is held as a hero by the guests, as James thanks him for his acts.

Afterwards, a news crew arrive and Tate talks with them about his actions. Tate also revealed that Alphonse was a young man whose fate was cut short. Ramona notes to James that Tate will be getting mass publicity with his recent heroics.

Tate later revealed to James that he knew that James was responsible for setting up the robbery of his club and Alphonse was aware of this. However, James denies this knowledge and shrugs off the councilman’s accusations.

Murders connected to alphonse Edit

  • Unknown corner boy: Stabbed by Andre Coleman, Alphonse stood and watched.
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