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Andre Coleman, also known as Dre, is one of the main antagonists of Power. He was a gangster and a drug dealer. He once acted as the right hand man of drug lords Kanan and Ghost. Eventually, Dre uses both his legal methods and illegal methods to make a name for himself.

He appeared as a secondary antagonist in season 2, anti-hero in season 3, one of the two main antagonists in season 4-5 and one of the secondary antagonists (alongside Cooper Saxe) in season 6.


In his early life, Dre was raised by his mother who was very religious. Dre loved her but her religious methods were extreme, as she once called him evil for stealing. As an adult, he cut ties with her and went onto start his life of crime. At one point, he was sent to prison but was protected and mentored by Kanan and became a member of his crew while he was imprisoned.

After his release, Dre went onto have a daughter named Heaven. Dre became a savvy ambitious criminal who, like fellow drug dealer, James St Patrick aka "Ghost" aimed to be the best drug lord in the city.

Season 2

Dre first appears in the show when he gets a call from Kanan, who ordered him to follow Ghost to Miami and kill the assassin Pink Sneakers before he does. Dre then arrives and informs Kanan that he's there. Later on, Dre is follows the assassin to a restaurant as she is spotted by Ghost and runs. As she tries to escape, Dre catches her, fatally stabs her and disappears.

Afterwards, Dre assists Kanan in his plot to get revenge on Ghost. He has a meeting with his men, which Tommy and Kanan attend. During this meeting, Kanan meets one of Dre's men, Brock and immediately dislikes him and thought of him as disloyal. Kanan later kidnaps the man, tortures him, and Dre kills him on Kanan's orders.

After talking with Kanan, Dre meets up with Ghost and even expresses getting out of the hustling business as he has a daughter who he wants to ensure has better life. As Kanan seeks to meet up drug lord Felipe Lobos and rebuild his drug business, Dre meets with Soldado Nation leader Carlos "Vibora" Ruiz, whom he welcomes in his crew, except no Kanan. Later, Kanan and Dre gathers all of the main drug dealers in New York City, including Serbian drug lord Vladimir and Haitian drug lord Drifty and they all agree to kill Ghost and meet up with Lobos and start the business. However, things change as Tommy and Lobos are arrested, which Tommy is later released. This however slows things down as Loboz is still locked up. During this time, Dre and Kanan have Shawn, Kanan's son, assassinate Ghost. After he fails the first time, Dre warns Kanan about sending him to kill him.

After failing a second time, Shawn confronts his father which ends in Kanan killing him. The drug lords Vladimir and Drifty are assassinated by Ghost. During this time, Dre later gets rid of the body and he and Kanan plans to kill Ghost themselves. Dre goes to the Truth, Ghost's nightclub, where Ghost confronts him about working with Kanan and threatens to kill him, which Dre feels remorse but offers a team-up. After Ghost seemingly kills Kanan, Ghost and Tommy have a falling out, and Dre defends Ghost by pulling out a gun on Tommy from behind, causing the latter to leave though tells Dre to watch out for betrayal.

Season 3

Dre is out of the hustling business and starts working for Ghost at his club. He tries to adapt to the new life which is hard for him. One day, he finds a bloody card in Ghost's desk, knowing that he is in danger. He asks his boss about it, who dismisses it.

He is also the one that warns Ghost that Tommy is in danger from the Korean gangsters. After Ghost's son Tariq, gets suspended from school, Ghost brings him to the club and has him work with Dre and the two bond. Afterwards, Dre goes home to his daughter only to find that Kanan is there. Furious that he is working with Ghost, Kanan is holding Dre's daughter and threatens to kill her. Shocked that he's still alive, a terrified Dre pleads with him not to kill his child as Kanan blackmails him into working for him again and is ordered to get as much intel on Ghost.

After the death of Lobos and the reveal of Ghost's head of security, Dean being the cannibal drug lord Milan, Dre updates Kanan on this. While Dre is out playing basketball with Tariq, Kanan shows up and meets the boy. Dre later warns Tariq about Kanan to which Kanan later confronts him about it saying that he chose him. Dre later helps Tommy get rid of Ruiz's body after Tommy kills him (Ruiz).

He later helps Ghost take down Milan by having his crew take out all of the cannibal's men. Afterwards, he witnesses Ghost getting arrested by Angela Valdez for the murder of Greg Knox who was killed by Mike Sandoval.

Season 4

With Ghost arrested, Dre goes to track down his son finding him with Kanan and he reveals that Ghost was just arrested for murder, so they won't be getting any money. Dre also promises to pay them money he gets from running the club since Ghost was incarcerated and left him in charge.

His offer is accepted though they put a higher price, with that Tariq is released. From that point, Dre runs the club business while he pays Kanan with some of the earnings and keeping his dealings hidden.

Much later, the club is shut down because of Ghost's investigation but Dre makes due to around it. Ghost is soon released from prison, but Dre faced a new problem in Julio Romano who discovers his dealings with Kana and tries to confront him. Realizing this obstacle, Dre forms an alliance with Julio's old gang and arranges Julio's death to keep his secret safe but warns them not make it seem they did it.

When Tommy returns, he confronts Dre about Kanan's survival after the latter and his son were kidnapped by the latter threatening to kill him, but Dre denies any knowledge. They soon locate Julio's corpse as he noticed the gang made it clear of their involvement however, Dre uses this as an opportunity to become Tommy's second-in-command which is accepted. Tommy then has Dre arranges a meeting with Julio's former gang and leaves as Dre boasts his victory to Julio's dead body.

He and Tommy meet with the gang leader that killed Julio and after Tommy kills the unfortunate member who was blamed for it, he demands to meet the head of the organization Diego Jimenez and Alicia Jimenez. After Tommy leaves, Dre speaks with the gang and berates them for not following his instructions as promised.

Then Ghost and Tommy meet with the Jimenez siblings who postpone giving into Tommy's demands. Later on, Dre makes a deal with them he would give them Tommy organization while doing illegal business in Ghost clubs and hotels. They question why he would do so as Dre states his dream to be the biggest drug dealer in the city as his offer is accepted

Slowly, Dre puts his plan into action by causing Tommy to lose supplies and credibility with his associates. Dre would also leave Tommy's services as part of the plan as Tommy wouldn't suspect him in the least.

With new power, Dre becomes caught up in and deciding not to be ordered around by anyone, he has Cristobal send assassins after Kanan Stark after the latter tries to get in contact with him.

He soon faces a threat with Ray Ray who demands money from and tries to blackmail him, but he gives Tariq the latter's whereabouts after he demands the crooked cop's location.

Once that is all settled, Dre meets with Father Callahan who has become aware of his treachery and tries to cut off ties with him. Recognizing him as a liability, Dre stabbed him in the heart to cover his tracks before meeting with his new affiliation.

However, unknown to him, his recent actions have caused him to become a common enemy to Kanan Stark, Tommy Egan and James St. Patrick who formed an alliance to take him down.

Season 5

Dre arrives at Ray Ray's apartment with the money only to find it swarming with cops, unaware of the latter's death but suspecting something was up, Dre quickly leaves to avoid being spotted. Dre calls Tariq who tells him he can't talk and hangs up.

At a warehouse, Dre tells Cristobal that Kanan is surely alive and probably coming for them and sets up an ambush and shoots at James, grazing and leaving him wounded but Tommy and Kanan get him to safety.

Dre arrives at a hotel for business and notices people watching him before Tariq who was at his sister's funeral texts him and alerts Dre of him being in danger. Realizing the men are after him, Dre escapes them before he is nearly taken by two of Tommy's new mob connect but kills one and leaves the other wounded.

At Raina's grave, James is breaking down before Dre appears and apologizes for his loss as James is angry to see him, but the latter stops him from trying to attack since he knows he is not armed. Dre tells James not to come after him since he is protected by his new bosses who will surely kill him, his associates and family if he tries and gives the warning to back off.

However, Dre's business starts to crumble. Dre starts to dislike Diego and plots to get rid him, and orders James to kill Diego, in exchange he kills Jason Micic. Dre then tells 2-Bit and Spanky about his plan and wants them to kill Ghost after he kills Diego. What Dre doesn't know is his friends starts to turn on him, and that 2-bit told Kanan about Dre's plan. Also, James sent Kanan to take out Diego and his guard, and that Kanan told Jason that Dre was on his way to kill him, and when Dre arrives, the hotel suit was empty. His business with Basset hotel group is on hold due to Diegos head being in the kitchen freezer, which angers Alicia and makes Cristobal in charge of him. Angela then stops by Dre's office and persuades him to give up Alicia Jimenez, or he will get the death penalty. Dre tells Angela where Alicia will be staying, and that Crisobal is her new distributor.

After snitching on Alicia, Dre and his girlfriend Tina are attacked by two assassins, and Dre kills both men. He learns that Alicia hired the two men to kill him. Afterwards Dre is then attacked by Tommy and his former employers, then is saved by Steve Tampio, and had him sign a form implicating Alicia in Mike's and Lobos's, murder. Afterwards Dre is taken to protective custody. It was revealed that Tommy and Angela plan to have Dre frame Alicia by having a shootout.

Season 6

Dre is shown being in a safe house and learns of Angela's death. Donovan tells him that he needs to be ready for Alicia's trial. The next day before heading out of the safe house, unknown men start to shoot at Dre, Donovan, and other FBI agents. After the unknown men, the other FBI agents all dead, and Donovan wounded, Dre takes his gun and shot Donovan in the head, and escapes with his daughter. Later Dre is found by FBI agents, and they take Heaven away from Dre and take him to the FBI office. At Alicia's trial Dre sees her for the first time since snitching on her and is scared and Saxe make the agents take Dre away.

Saxe later informs Dre that Alicia was killed, but he still needs his help with Angela's murder. Saxe then informs Dre that if he leaves, his deal will be void, his daughter would still be in protective custody, and NYPD can go after him on drug charges. Dre agrees to help Saxe in order to get his daughter back. Proctor talks to Dre and persuades him into helping him and Ghost.

Later while walking into Ghost's office with Procter, Dre is attacked by Ghost who still wants him dead. Proctor talks James out of killing Dre because he is their best bet into getting out of trouble. Dre asks Ghost for his help to get his daughter back from the Feds. James tells Dre that he will help him but warns him that he will kill him if he crosses him. Ghost has Dre go with him into killing Maria Suarez who is willing to testifying against Ghost. However, Dre informs Saxe that Ghost is planning to kill Maria, and Saxe calls FBI agents to have him arrested. In a shocking twist James did not kill Maria, but instead gives her money to disappear. Saxe confronts him about wasting his time into arresting him when the FBI agents inform him of James not being at Maria's place to kill her, but Dre tells him that James gave her money to disappear which is a felony.

James has Dre working for him at Truth again, so that he can have a legit job. James informs Dre that Jason is looking for a new distributor when he kills Tommy, and because James wants to be out of the drug game, he needs to find one. Dre offers to be Jason's distributor, but James tells him no because Jason will kill them both if he finds out that his new distributor is a criminal informant. Also, if Saxe finds out about his criminal informant dealing with Jason, Saxe can have everyone arrested including himself. Dre later helps James getting Tariq back from Vincent by selling drugs in the street and at Truth. Councilman Tate's worker Alphonse helps Dre, move product in the streets. At Tate's fun raising event, Dre sees Spanky and 2-Bit for the first time since they both tried to kill him. Dre then sneak's out of Truth.

The next day Dre gets Heaven back and confronts James about the robbery at Truth. James then confronts him about killing Maria Suarez, in which Dre denies. Later Dre tells Saxe that now that he got his daughter back, he is free from him. Saxe then warns him if he leaves, he will be arrested for Maria Suarez's murder, unless he gets information on James. Saxe then puts a ankle monitor on Dre and demands him to get him evidence. Dre is then kidnapped by 2-Bit and Spanky who brings him to Tommy. Tommy orders them to watch Dre and when he comes back to the warehouse, to kill Dre. While 2-Bit and Spanky also leaves, Dre escapes by killing Black Grimace.

Dre later meets Blanca Rodriguez about getting information on Raymond Jones. Dre agrees to give her information, in exchange she gets Saxe fired for using his daughter as leverage, harassing him, and get his ankle monitor off of him. Dre reveals to Blanca that it was Tariq who killed Ray Ray, when he demanded him to tell him where he was at gunpoint, and that he confessed to him.

After getting released in Still DRE, Dre spends time with his girlfriend Tina and daughter Heaven before sharing plans on the future. He tells her that he will continue to conduct business in the city. Dre is then shocked to see Ghost is nominated for lieutenant governor and visits Saxe who assures him that he will handle Ghost. However, he is ambushed by Jason's vengeful goons, but he barely escapes. Tina pressures him and this time he agreed to her request but knew he didn't have money. With little options and urging from Tina, he visits his estranged mother who turns him away for not reaching out earlier and after he reveals that he has a daughter he never told her of. He goes to Tasha and blackmailed/threatened her to get money from Tariq. The boy pays him, and he makes Tariq bring him to his father once Dre promises him a gun. Dre orders Ghost to give him money but gives a deadline. Dre also goes to Tate over new identities for him after promising info on James, specifically Tariq killing Raymond Jones. Dre is arrested for the death of Jason. After lying to the detective, he is released in protective custody but escaped them. He nearly robs his mother, but she catches him and holds him at gunpoint. He guilts her and takes her gun. He holds her at gunpoint, telling her that he will never forgive her, but he is unable to shoot and tells her his daughter's name Heaven. Dre says that he named her Heaven because that's somewhere he and his mother will never see while also saying the only reason he never brought her around her is because of her influence. He takes her jewelry and leaves her house. Dre later visits Tate again for the identity. However, the latter surprised him by also offering $100,000 along with the identity but for the death of Ghost. Dre celebrates this bounty and is encouraged by his girlfriend to escape, since Tate would be implicated if he reports this, and he nearly goes through with leaving. However, he wants to kill Ghost before leaving and heads into the club but runs out after he hears shots. He knocks out detective Blanca and runs to his car. While driving, he argues with Tina and catches sight of Tommy but flees. At a gas station, he received word of Ghost being killed and is pleased. With nothing holding him back, Dre prepares to leave town with his family and money but is arrested again. In jail, he is visited and berated by Tina with Heaven who told him that they should of ran. Dre acknowledges she is right and received a shock, when it turns out that she went to his mother who is pleased to finally meet her granddaughter. Mrs. Coleman tells the annoyed Dre that she still loves him and will help him. Reluctantly, he accepted her help and he watches his family leave after his mother states she will ensure she is raised right. When he is the cafeteria, he intentionally starts a fight to be thrown in solitary after seeing 2-Bit and Spanky. Unfortunately, he is finally cornered by the pair who take the time to taunt him, despite him telling him Ghost was killed. The two threw gasoline covered towels in the block with Dre and set him aflame. The satisfied Spanky and 2bit then leave the scene.

Power Book II: Ghost

Andre does not appear in the series, but Tasha puts the blame on him for killing Ghost. This is quickly dismissed as a lie by the prosecutor since Andre did not have any GSR on him at the time of his arrest and was pointed out by Tasha defense attorney that she would not set up Quinton Wallace for Andre.


  • Kill Ghost, Tommy and Kanan (failed)
  • Assist Kanan on his plans (formerly)
  • Protect Tariq St Patrick (formerly)
  • Kill Julio to gain power in the drug empire and to prevent him from telling Tommy about his betrayal (succeeded)
  • Have his crew, Alicia and Cristobal arrested (succeeded)
  • Work with Jason (failed)
  • Kill 2-Bit and Spanky (failed)

Murders committed by Dre

  • Pink Sneakers: Stabbed to death on Kanan's orders to stop her from telling Ghost that Kanan ordered her to ruin his drug business.
  • Broc: Shot multiple times on Kanan's orders because Kanan didn't like him and considered him disloyal.
  • One of Vladimir Jankovic's Henchmen: Shot to death for shooting one of Carlos "Vibora" Ruiz's men.
  • Unnamed Serbian Gangster: Died in a fire caused by Dre and Cristobal.
  • Father Callahan: Stabbed in the heart.
  • Marco: Shot in the chest.
  • Carmine: Shot in the abdomen. Bled out several hours later.
  • Two Jimenez Cartel Hitmen: Shot to death.
  • Unnamed Soldado Nation Member: Shot in the head.
  • Four of Tommy Egan's Henchmen: Shot to death.
  • Jerry Donovan: Shot in the head.
  • Unnamed Drug Dealer: Stabbed in the chest.
  • Black Grimace: Shot through the head.
  • Three Serbian Mafia Members: Shot to death.

Murders connected to Dre

  • Shawn Stark: Shot to death by Kanan for failing to kill Ghost. Dre disposed of the body.
  • Dylan Shin and One Unnamed Korean Gangster: Indirectly caused by Dre as Dre heard from 2-Bit that the Koreans were after Tommy, so Dre told Ghost and Ghost went and saved Tommy by killing them.
  • Carlos Ruiz: Stabbed to death by Tommy Egan. Dre helped dispose of the body.
  • Milan: Ghost ordered Dre to bring in his crew into Truth to hold the Serbians hostage. This allowed Ghost and Tommy to hold Milan at gunpoint and bring him to the warehouse were they both shot him in the head.
  • Julio Romano: Stabbed to death by Uriel so that Dre could take his position as distributor and also because Julio saw Dre talking to Kanan.
  • Framed Toros Locos Member: Shot in the head by Tommy after Dre told Uriel to sacrifice and frame one of his guys in order to avoid suspicion for Julio's murder.
  • Two Hermanos Tianos Assassins: Indirectly caused by Dre as Dre and Cristobal sent them to kill Kanan but they failed and Kanan ended up killing both assassins.
  • Raymond "Ray Ray" Jones: Indirectly caused. Dre told Tariq where Ray Ray was and Tariq killed him.
  • "Lorenzo Salazar": Shot to death by 2-Bit for his betrayal.
  • "Scotty": Shot to death by Kanan, along with Trigger for try to kill Tommy, Vincent, Sammy and Nicole and failing to kidnap him.
  • "Trigger": Shot to death by Kanan, along with Scotty for try to kill Tommy, Vincent, Sammy and Nicole and failing to kidnap him.
  • Arturo Magdeleno: Set on fire by Alicia Jimenez after Dre told her Arturo snitched on her and Diego.
  • Diego Jimenez's Bodyguard: Indirectly caused. Shot in the head by Kanan in order to kill Diego Jimenez. Ghost agreed to kill Diego for Dre but instead sent Kanan to do the job for him.
  • Diego Jimenez: Shot in the shoulder and then in the head by Kanan. Ghost agreed to kill Diego for Dre but instead sent Kanan to do the job for him.
  • Three Jimenez Cartel Assassins: Shot in the head by Jerry Donovan and FBI agents. They was aiming Dre for snitching on Alicia and Cristobal.
  • Alicia Jimenez: Shot to death by Jason for send two hitters to trying to kill him and then she send three hitters to trying to kill him once again at the safehouse, but they failed.
  • Lakeisha Grant: Indirectly caused when Tasha killed her for assuming that she was snitching on Tariq when in reality he had been the one who told the feds about Tariq while the latter was actually signing papers to testify against Tommy
  • James St. Patrick: Shot in the chest by Tariq for framing for Jason's murder.
  • O.Z.: Directly caused by Dre as Dre used him as a human shield when they were in a shootout with the Serbian Mafia.


  • Despite being an antagonist, Dre has many redeeming qualities.
    • He was reluctant to kill a captive Broc.
    • He warned Ghost that the Korean drug trade were about to kill Tommy.
    • He was disgusted at Kanan killing his own son.
    • He wanted a better life for his daughter and begged Kanan not to hurt her.
    • He thanked Tariq for alerting him of Ghost and Tommy's attempts on his life.
    • He felt genuine guilt when his mother criticized him on not trying to reach out to her after getting out of prison. He chose not to kill his mother, despite his resentment of her.
  • He shared Ghost's goal of wanting to be the best.
  • According to his mother, Dre had the potential to go to college and have a better life before he fell into a life of crime.
  • Dre's death mirrors that of his victim Jerry Donovan, as both brought up their daughters for a reason on why they should live but it didn't work.
  • In a way, Dre is responsible for his own fate, as he had the money and identities he wanted and had he follow Tina's advice he'd have survived.
  • Dre was the last main character to die.
  • Dre initially started out as a anti-hero in season 4, but after he had Julio killed and stole Tommy’s organization, he became the main antagonist.