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Angela Valdes is a major character in the Power Universe, serving as the tritagonist of Power and a mentioned character in Power Book II: Ghost. She was a government attorney for the FBI and was also the lover of James St. Patrick. She was a childhood friend of Tommy Egan and James as all three belonged to the same neighbourhood. Her and James dated in high school but she left him to study abroad where she studied law and left all contacts with James for 18 years. After 18 years they reunite and rekindle their love.

She is one of the deuteragonists in season 1-2, one of the deuteragonists turned final antagonist in season 3, major antagonist turned supporting protagonist in season 4, one of the main protagonists in season 5 and the posthumous overarching protagonist in season 6. She was mentioned in Power Book II: Ghost season 1-2.

Angela is portrayed by Lela Loren.


Season 1

She stumbles upon her ex-boyfriend from high school, James St. Patrick (or Jamie, she nicknames) in his nightclub. When James takes her number down, she begins getting closer to him though has a boyfriend Greg Knox. However, while Angela likes Greg and enjoys the sex, Angela is still in love with James when they reconnected and started to have lunch with each other. Also, at one point Angela lies to James about working as a lawyer but did not tell him that she is an AUSA attorney.

At Truth Angela gives James back the necklace he gave her and tells him that they cannot be friends. James tells her that he never stopped think about her. Both Angela and James kiss and have sex in his office, unaware that Holly Weaver saw them when James's office door was cracked opened. Angela breaks up with Greg and starts an affair with James and sneaks off In hotels with him. However, Angela questions if she can be with James knowing that he is married and has kids. James informs Angela that he is leaving his wife Tasha, for her. Angela is happy and cannot wait to go to Miami with him.

In search for the drug kingpin called "Ghost", she carries on an investigation with Nomar; one of Ruiz's soldiers that was once an outcast. She gives him a gift to send to Ruiz's party to get a seat at the table. When she begins to get played false information, she is thrown off the case by her superior, After Nomar's slow death, he states that "Ghost" kills him, bringing the FBI a few steps closer to finding the kingpin. However, Tommy finds out at that moment that Angela works with the FBI.

Season 2

Angela and James's affair continues, and she gives James a key to her apartment. Trying to identify Nomar's killer Angela uses Nomar's phone to contact Isabella Ruiz and to have her help get justice for Nomar. With the help of Isabella on identifying "Ghost" with a sketch. Angela and Greg realize that Tommy was there when he killed Nomar and was the one who killed him.

Angela goes to Miami with James by spending time with him, while she investigates Tommy. Unaware that James knows that she and Greg works for the FBI. Angela finally tells James about her real job and tries to calm him down when he is shown very angry about lying to him. Angela tells him that she couldn't tell him about her job, because she would be disbarred. Also informs him about putting Tommy in jail because he can make James lose his club because of his illegal dealings. Crying Angela asks James if he will leave her because of her investigation, and James replies no because he loves her.

Angela, Mike, Saxe, and Greg question Holly Weaver about Tommy being involved with Lobos. Holly refuses to snitch on Tommy. After excusing herself to the bathroom, Angela tries to convince Holly to give up Tommy and not spend 3 years in prison for theft (even though her victim chose not to press charges and the charges have been dropped). Holly then comes out the bathroom and tells Angela that she remembers her from Truth, when she saw her, and James have sex. Holly then accuses Angela of covering up for James by convincing her co-workers that Tommy is Ghost. Angela is shocked by Holly's announcement about James really being Ghost. Holly then threatens her that if she does not stop her investigation on Tommy she will tell her boss that she is having an affair with Ghost who is James. 

In exchange Angela will get Holly and Tommy out this investigation, and Holly would get evidence proving that James is Ghost. Afterwards Angela breaks down in a bathroom stall, about James lying to her about being Ghost, and for potentially losing her job.

After learning that James is Ghost, Angela seduces him to get more information on him and Lobos. Also she clones his phone to know where he would be at all times. Including to arrest him at the Lobos meeting. At the Lobos meeting Tommy, and Lobos is arrested. However James ended up escaping, leaving Angela angry.

Angela then gets to works on getting Tommy convicted on Nomar's murder with the sketch from Isabella. When she tries to get Tommy to rat out Lobos he refuses. However Tommy lawyer Proctor reveals that Isabella told Angela about Tommy and how she was able to get a sketch without her parents consent. Which cause her case to be thrown out and Tommy be released from the prison with prejudice, and have Angela potentially lose her job.

Later at Truth, Angela confronts James about stealing evidence from her home. James reveals to her he knows about her cloning his phone. Angela then demands James to tell her about being Ghost, and James confirms his identity. Angry Angela leaves while Greg watches her. After talking with Greg about taking James down, she changes her mind and has Greg suspended for stalking her. When James sees her walking to her apartment, Angela tries to ignore him, but James tells her that he got his club back from Stern.

Angela asks him if he is officially out of the drug game and James says not yet. Angry Angela tells James that she could have told her boss about him, but did not for the sake of his children, and burned her ex for him. Angela tells him to leave her alone, and that she has to go to her bar hearing weather or not she would lose her licence.

Then when it is time for Angela to see if she would be losing her Job Isabella did not show up for her bar hearing. It was revealed that James persuaded Ruiz to take him and his daughter to LA. After defeating Kanan (survived the fire) James and Angela talk. Angela knows how she still has her job. He tells her that he is out of the game and wants her. Happy, she tells him she would try to look past his former life as a drug dealer and kisses him.

The next morning after kissing James goodbye, she is later confronted by Greg who is angry at her for getting him suspended, while knowing that James is Ghost. Greg tells her that he will clear his name and will take her and James down. Out of fear, Angela stars to carry her gun.

Season 3

Angela and James's relationship continues, with James moving in with her. Angela deals with problems with Greg, work, and her relationship with James. When James and Angela have dinner one night, she reveals to him that Lobos is alive. Angela tells him that she would lose her job and get the death penalty if Lobos is hurt or dead by telling him all this information.

Angela finally meets James's children, However, Tariq does not like her because of his father choosing her over Tasha and his family. Even her sister Paz does not like James because of his past, as well as the fact he is still married. At work, she later learns that Greg is trying to convince Ruiz to snitch on James in exchange getting immunity for ordering Nomar's murder. However she persuades Ruiz not to snitch on James and to give her Lobos. After helping James, he gives her documents indicating that he is going to legally separate from Tasha. Shocked, Angela wonders if Tasha would sign them, but James says he'll risk it for her and kisses her.

In The Right Decision, James and Angela talk about their future when James gets his deal with Karen Basset. Angela is at work for transporting Lobos, unaware that Tommy and Lobos's henchmen is breaking him out of the van he is being transported. Also Angela does not know that Tommy and James plans to kill Lobos. After waiting for James to come home from work. James breaks up with Angela and tells her that he made a mistake in choosing her over Tasha and his children.

Angela does not know that James lied to her to protect her from a Serbian drug lord name Milan, who forces James back in the game and threatened his family and Angela. This left both she and James distraught and crying at her door.

The next day, Angela cries to her sister Paz about her break up with James. Then is being questioned about Lobos at her job. Angela talks to Tasha about James alibi on the day of Lobos's murder. Tasha lies to Angela that James was their at the Basset hotel and that they slept together. Afterwards Angela confronts James about killing Lobos and have her superiors believe that she was in on the Lobos escape and had him killed. James lies to her about Lobos, and how he got information on where he would be.

Angela presses him to give up any information because if they find out that Ghost killed Lobos it is going to trace back to her because she told James that Lobos was alive. Angela tells James that he never loved her, but James tells her he does. Angela angrily storms out.

In Trust Me, Angela is still angry with James but has to work with him so that she won't go to jail. Angela and James talk when he sees her talking to Greg. Angela reminds James that he ended their relationship and ask him if he had slept with Tasha. Angela angrily asks if he had reconciled with Tasha and took her to the Basset hotel the day after he and Angela had sex. James truthfully tells her he was with Tasha, but he slept on the couch. Angela kicks James out of her car and take off her wire, when he refused to say anything about Lobos. Later on, she goes to Greg who still wants to charge her for helping a criminal but stops after she shows him that James has reconciled with his wife and she believed him to be a criminal but was wrong. Greg comforts her while she cries and soon kisses the sad Angela who finds herself kissing him back. Feeling awkward after the kiss, Angela tries to leave but Greg stops her by telling her it's dangerous as she hugs him out of comfort. Sometime later, the two have sex with Angela being put off by a picture of James on Greg's wall. After Greg is seemingly asleep, she secretly goes through the phone James gave her.

In I Call the Shots, Angela talks with James about the mole at her office, stating he better telling the truth, so she doesn't have to see him. It is also shown Angela reconciled her relationship with Greg, as she visited him more times and stayed the night. She also calls the number in the phone, confirming the latter is in the office, after hearing the call in the office.

However, their relationship comes to an end when Greg is found murdered in his apartment. Angela investigates his death and based off the fingerprints she found on his window, she believes that James killed Greg. After that, she goes to Truth to arrest James for Greg's murder.

Season 4

After arresting James for Greg's murder, Angela works to get him convicted. However, she later learns that James was innocent and testifies to get his charges dismissed. In exchange, she may lose her job. Now because of this Angela, Mike, Mak, Donovan, and Saxe are all on suspension because of Angela withholding information that proved that James may have been innocent and that Mak and Mike knew about it. After leaving the stand James thanks her, but Angela tells him to don't thank her and that he is not all innocent.

Angela and Mike get their stuff form their office and gets on the elevator. Before leaving the elevator, Mike stops her and says that she let a killer go. Angela warns Mike that Greg's killer is still out there and that she vows to bring the Mole and Greg's killer down.

Angela soon found out about Mike Sandoval sabotaging evidence and sided with getting James out of jail. Very soon, Angela and several FBI agents discovered Mike's deceit and exposed him as both Lobos' mole and Greg's killer before he was arrested. Angela tells Terry Silver that all charges against James is clear, Mike Sandoval was the mole and Greg's killer, and tells him where Mike is being held.

The reason why Angela told Silver where Sandoval is because he can implicate her for her knowledge about Lobos, wants revenge for killing Greg, and Angela knows that James and Tommy would kill him in order for them not to go to jail when Mike testifies. After Mike was killed, a satisfied Angela kneeled over Mike's corpse and told him in Spanish "That was for Greg".

At the end of the season, Angela is promoted head of criminals and learns of Raina's death. Angela then finds James and talks to him about his daughter and that she vows to have her killer arrested, and that he would lose everything if he gets revenge. James tells her that he lost everything, and that he thanks her for talking to him. Tasha asks Angela to help her track down Tariq because he is missing. Angela does this and later investigates [Ray Ray's murder.

Season 5

Angela confronts Tasha about James killing Raymond Jones when she told her where Ray Ray was staying and will turn her and James in. Tasha confesses that it was Tariq who killed Ray Ray and that he stole her gun to get revenge on Ray Ray. Shocked Angela helps Tasha cover up Ray Ray's death by burying the ballistics report by using an employee's account.

Also Angela helps Tasha by making sure that no one knows that Tariq shot Ray Ray. However she deals with a nosy NYPD officer, name Blanca Rodriguez who tries to find out what happened to Raymond Jones. Angela stops Blanca's investigation by get an warrant to take the murder case of Raymond Jones.

Meanwhile trying to move on from James and advance her career, Angela accepts a promotion and date with agent Steve Tampio. Angela had fun on the date and has a one night stand with Steve, as they focus on arresting the Jimenez. However Angela and James slowly reconnects. One night after Tasha kicks James out for his drinking, not showing up for Tariq's birthday, and almost attacking Tariq. James shows up at Angela's place and reveals the real reason why they broke up. Angela lets James spend the night at her place.

The next morning Tasha comes to her place and then James learn that Angela knows about Tariq killing Ray Ray. Angela then coaches Tasha on what to say when going for questioning about her missing gun, and Ray Ray's murder. When James and Angela talks she is unsure if she can trust him after lying to her about their breakup, but James ask's her does she still love him. Unsure she and James kiss.

After that Angela and James talks about their relationship, Tasha storms in the penthouse upset that their plan had failed and that Fed's offer her immunity in exchange she testifies against James, and Angela. However Tasha then reveals on how to protect Tariq by having Terry Silver to lie for her. That is when she reveals to Angela and James about her affair with Silver.

When Tasha leaves, James and Angela talk, about Tasha, Tariq, and their relationship. James reassures her that he will protect her and that he thanks her for protecting his son. Afterwards they kiss before they have sex on the couch, and rekindles their relationship.

Later Tasha storms in on James and Angela's romantic dinner, to inform them that Terry took off after James had threaten him. Tasha then tells James that she is going to turn herself in to the police by taking her missing gun with her. James refuses to let Tasha take the fall for Ray Ray's murder, and insist he will go down for his family. This choice shocks both Angela, and Tasha.

Behind James's back, Tasha and Angela plans to frame Kanan Stark by putting her missing gun in the trunk of his car, and have him arrested for Ray Ray's murder. Also they bring Tariq in on their plan to frame Kanan. Later James learned of their plan and is very angry that they put Tariq in danger, and that Kanan is dead from getting killed by the police in a shooting. Afterwards Angela goes after Alicia Jimenez again, when her brother Diego head was found in the Basset hotels freezer.

Angela persuades Andre Coleman into snitching on Alicia Jimenez, and will grant him witness protection for him and his daughter. Then Angela and the FBI arrests Alicia and Cristobal for various charges . When Angela bribes Mak into giving her information about her, and her inner circle in exchange she will give him a job in DC. He tells her that he and Saxe have a witness name Tony Teresi for an investigation.

When she goes into Saxe's office, Angela learns that Teresi is Tommy's father, and that he is planning to snitch on Tommy and James. Also she sees pictures of Tony talking to Mak and Saxe and take pictures. Angela rushes to Truth to tell James that the reason Tony got out of prison was to snitch on him and Tommy, and shows him proof. Angela tells James to make Tommy believe that his father is a snitch or they would all go to jail.

After Tommy killed Teresi, Angela thinks that she is in the clear, but what she does not know is that her boss Tamika, Saxe, Donovan, and Mak were running an investigation against her, James, Tasha, and Tommy. and that they have evidence against her. Afterwards confronts her and interrogates her .

Then Tamika gives Angela 24 hours to consider their deal with her in exchange she testifies against James, Tasha, and Tommy or she will go to prison. Angela, James, Tasha, and Tommy comes up with a plan to clear their names form the Lobos and Mike Sandovol murders. They use Dre as at witness for the murders and have him frame Alicia Jimenez as the mastermind for those murders. When Angela thinks it is all over, Tommy and Tasha confronts Angela about not telling him beforehand that Teresi is a snitch, and that Terry Silver is missing. They go into killing her but Angela convinces them not to kill her and to get the photos of Teresi back from Vincent, so that it won't incriminate them.

Things get worst when attorney Charles Hamilton tells Angela that the investigation against James is not over. Maria Suarez is willing to testify against him in court, and can identify him as Ghost. James and Angela meet up at their old high school. James then confronts her about betraying him and testifying against him. Shocked, Angela then confronts him about killing Terry Silver.

Angela tells him goodbye but James stops her and lies to her that he did not kill Terry Silver (even though it was shown that he killed Silver for seeing him and his wife having sex). Angela believes him and kisses him. Meanwhile, Tommy is watching them from up stairs, after he learns about James betraying him. When James tells Angela that he loves her, she pushes him out the way and is shot by Tommy. James works to save Angela who is critically wounded, and at the end of the scene he yells her name.

Season 6

The critically wounded Angela was taken to the hospital by ambulance with Ghost by her side. She faintly uttered his name while en route. At the hospital, she was rushed into surgery and Ghost was forced to stay behind. Paz arrived and learned that her sister had died, after which she confronted Ghost, suspecting that he had been the one who pulled the trigger after learning Angela was going to turn on him. It appears Angela's involvement with Ghost's organization was buried, since everyone at office came under fire for accusing her with her death. Later, Paz mourned over Angela's body and refused to Cooper Saxe to consent to an autopsy after they all turned their backs on Angela. However, he hinted Ghost would get away with it without the autopsy, so after Ghost came to see Paz in an attempt to set the record straight, she angrily changed her mind so the AUSA's office could get him. In the morgue, Cooper promised to Angela's body that they would get "that son of a bitch." Meanwhile, Ghost went to visit her apartment to deal with the loss and apologized to Angela for the part he played in getting her killed.

Angela appears as an hallucination to James and confront him on his failures including killing Tommy. James talks to Angela's imagination, and tells her he has to let her go and he wants to change for her. Angela is happy, and tells James he will kill again and disappears.

Angela appears again to congratulate James on his success as well as killing Jason, and kicking Tommy out of his life. Angela tells James that it is ok to let her go, and to pursue Ramona who James admits to start having feelings. Angela warns James before she leaves to not reveal all to Ramona because she did not grew up in the same neighborhood with them.

Her sister later had her body evacuated by the feds after thinking James got her killed. Later, Paz discovered from Tasha that Tommy was the one who did it and she rushed to his apartment to confront him but he already relocated to California, as she breaks down at her sister's murderer escaping.

Murders connected to Angela

  • Javier Villanueva: Indirectly caused. Angela followed Ghost to his meeting with Felipe Lobos and called the FBI to bust them but Ghost didn't meet them and he let Lobos and Tommy get arrested. Javier was armed and was shot dead by the FBI.
  • Felipe Lobos: Indirectly caused. Angela told Ghost that Lobos was still alive. This information gave Ghost motive to kill Lobos, which then made Angela apart of the criminal conspiracy behind his murder.
  • Mike Sandoval: Neck sliced on Tony Teresi's orders after being contracted by Ghost and Tommy to kill him. Angela leaked Sandoval's whereabouts to Terry Silver knowing that he would tell Ghost and Ghost and Tommy would have him killed so that they would all avoid imprisonment.
  • Detective Raymond Jones: Shot to death by Tariq St. Patrick. Angela was originally going to turn them all in until she heard it was Tariq who killed him. She helped cover up the murder and she also helped frame Kanan Stark for the murder.
  • Four NYPD Officers: Indirectly caused. Angela along with Tariq and Tasha St. Patrick framed Kanan for the murder of Raymond Jones. Kanan refused to return to jail and killed the police officers who tried to arrest him.
  • Kanan Stark: Indirectly caused. Shot to death in a firefight with the NYPD after Kanan refused to go back to jail after being framed by Angela, Tasha, and Tariq for Raymond Jones' murder.
  • Tony Teresi: Shot to death by Tommy Egan for being a snitch. Angela told Ghost that Teresi was a snitch and gave him photographic evidence. Ghost showed Vincent Ragni the proof that Teresi was a snitch and Vincent forced Tommy to kill Teresi.


  • Start a new life with ghost (failed)
  • Have Ghost arrested and later helping him get release from prison (succeeded)
  • Avenge Greg Knox murder (Succeeded)
  • Take down Saxe and John (failed)
  • Protect herself, Tommy, Ghost, Tariq and Tasha from going to jail (succeeded)
  • Save Ghost from getting killed (succeeded)


  • According to Cooper Saxe, Greg and Angela's relationship was obvious to everyone in the precinct.
  • Angela is one of the few protagonists to be killed off, the others being Raina St Patrick, Kanan stark, Julio Ramano and James St Patrick.
  • Angela was an antagonist in the first half of season 4, before becoming a protagonist in the last half of season 4.
  • Despite not having directly murdering anyone (similarly to Tasha), she is responsible for many deaths such as Tony Teresi, Mike Sandoval, Raymond jones and Kanan Stark
  • She reunited with James in 2014 (the setting of Power in season 1) and mentioned they haven't seen each other for 18 years. This means the last time they saw each other was 1996.