Arturo Magdeleno was a member of the Toros Locos gang and then became its leader after his cousin Uriel Diaz's death.

He is portrayed by Victor Almanzar.


Season 5Edit

Arturo is cousin to Uriel Diaz and a member of the Toros Locos. After Uriel is murdered Arturo starts beefing with Uriel's second-in-command Lorenzo Salazar as Arturo believes he killed Uriel for his position. They both fight for Uriel's position. When 2-Bit kills Lorenzo Salazar in a drive-by shooting, Arturo takes over the Toros Locos and claims that he was the one who killed Lorenzo for his alleged involvement in the death of his cousin Uriel. He meets with Andre Coleman, Diego Jimenez, Diego Martinez, 2-Bit and Spanky. 2-Bit gets disappointed with Arturo taking credit for what he did.

Arturo kills 3 of his gang members as they are accused of supporting Lorenzo.

When Arturo is picked up by the FBI, he gives up Diego and Alicia Jimenez to Angela Valdes and tells her where and when to find them both after she threatens to reveal that he did not kill Lorenzo.

Arturo is met by Dre and 2-Bit who tell him of what happened, Arturo slips up in one of his statements something the other two pick up on and realize he was the one who ratted on the Jimenez.

Dre tells Alicia Jimenez that Arturo told him that he told the FBI on them, which then Arturo is tied up by Dre and gets set on fire and burned to death by Alicia Jimenez.

Murders committed by ArturoEdit

  • 3 Toros Locos Members: All shot in the back of the head.
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