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Blanca Rodriguez is a major antagonist in the Power universe, serving as a major antagonist in Power, supporting antagonist in Power Book II: Ghost and a minor antagonist in Power Book IV: Force. she is an NYPD detective who was looking into Ghost and Angela. After the latter's death, she convinced Jacob Warner to let her head the task force looking into the matter together with Cooper Saxe.

In Power, Blanca is the major antagonist in season 5 and 6.

In Power Book II: Ghost, she serves as a supporting character in season 1, a minor antagonist in season 2 and will appear as one of the two main antagonists in season 3.

She returned in Power Book IV: Force as a minor antagonist in season 1.


  • Lakeisha Grant: Threatened Lakeisha to sign papers to testify against Tommy. However, the latter was killed by Tasha due to her forgetting to destroy the papers.
  • Spottswood "Spanky" Richards: Intimidated him into the point to get him to give up information on Tommy. Spanky told Blanca that Tommy had murdered Poncho and agreed to testify against Tommy. She granted him witness protection in return for intel on Tommy while assuring him that Tommy wouldn't find out about Spanky testifying against him, but 2-Bit had told Tommy about Spanky resulting the latter being informed.


  • Take down Angela, Tommy, Tasha and Ghost (Failed)
  • Take down Tariq for Ray Ray’s murder (Failed)
  • Solve Ghost’s murder (Succeeded)
  • Take down Saxe for his betrayal (Succeeded)
  • Take down Tariq for Mecca’s murder (ongoing)