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Brayden Weston is a supporting character in Power and the deuteragonist of Power Book II: Ghost. He is Tariq's roommate and best friend at college. He helps to sell drugs in the University of Stansfield and he's his partner.

In Power, Brayden appeared as a central character in Season 5-6.

He returns in Power Book II: Ghost, serving as one of the deuteragonists in season 1-2 and one of the deuteragonists/anti-hero in season 3.


Season 5

Season 6

Season 1 of Power Book II: Ghost

Season 2

Murders connected to Brayden

  • Danilo Ramirez: Shot to death by Cane. Brayden helped dig up the body to help Zeke be Exonerated.
  • Mahoney: Shot to death by Cane. Brayden helped cane escape.
  • Lauren Baldwin: Kidnapped her and Effie killed her.


  • Be rich (ongoing)
  • Become a drug kingpin along with Tariq at Stansfield (succeeded)
  • Get Riley's number (succeeded)
  • Repay his debt to Cane (succeeded)
  • Break Riley's heart (succeeded)
  • Become a steer hustler working with Cane (ongoing)
  • Take down Cane for brainwashing him and setting up Tariq (ongoing)
  • Kill Lauren for catching him and Cane on the wire (succeeded)


  • The auditorium and the swimming pool of the University of Stansfield has the last name of Brayden.
    • This fact makes him and his brother untouchable in the University.