Broc was a member Andre Coleman's crew and he was also a friend of 2-Bit.

Biography Edit

Broc first appears in the season 2 premiere, when he confronts Kanan after he enters the restaurant Dre's crew hangs out at. He asks if he is lost but stands down after Dre tells everyone Kanan is alright. Tommy Egan meets with Dre's crew and has lunch with them. During the lunch, Broc makes some jokes which annoys Kanan. Kanan later asks Dre if he trusts Broc which he responds sure. Broc is later kidnapped by Kanan and brutally tortured. Kanan beats Broc to a bloody pulp and cuts out his tongue. Kanan puts Broc in the trunk of his car and shows Dre what he has done. Kanan tells Dre that the next time he asks if Dre can trust someone on his crew that sure is not an acceptable answer. Kanan then orders Dre to kill Broc. Reluctantly, Dre puts the beaten Broc out of his misery by shooting Broc multiple times, killing him.

Legacy Edit

Some time after his death, Kanan attempts to turn 2-Bit against Dre. Kanan runs into 2-Bit at night and tells 2-Bit that Dre killed Broc but keeps his involvement in the murder secret which made 2-Bit become disloyal towards Dre.

Broc's death is avenged when Kanan dies in a shootout with the NYPD.

When finally cornering Dre, 2-Bit brought up Broc and avenges him by setting Dre aflame in a solitary confinement prison cell.

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