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Cane Tejada is the major antagonist in Power Book II: Ghost. He is the oldest son of Lorenzo and Monet Tejada. He is Monet's right hand, the half Brother of Ezekiel Cross and the big brother of Dru and Diana Tejada.

Cane appears as one of the two main antagonists of season 1-2.

Cane is portrayed by Woody McClain.


Season 1

He is first seen when Tariq walks in on him in the bathroom with Rel’s Girlfriend, he is next seen fighting Rel and pulling a shotgun on him, he is seen again killing Rel and driving away from the building he killed Rel in.

He is next seen when Zeke and Tariq go to the Tejada’s for dinner, he opens the door for his Uncle Frank, and later drives Tariq back to college and has a talk with him. Tariq tells Cane that his uncle Frank is a snitch to which he tells Monet. In response, Monet tells him to kill his uncle Frank, and he does so.

He is seen in the next episode getting money with his brother Dru, as they go back to their house they see Lil Guap and his friends celebrating. He goes to Lil Guap’s place and shoots it up and almost gets arrested but Danilo Ramirez helps Cane and Dru by telling his partner that they went another way, he and Dru go back home and Monet confronts them about shooting up Lil Guap’s place. He is seen again with Monet confronting Guap and his friends about getting the cops involved with their business and Guap calls Monet a puta then Cane beats Guap nearly to death as his friends watch. He is seen again when Monet tells Dru to go to Stansfield to spy on Tariq but he says that he’ll do it but Monet declines and tells him no.

He accidentally hits Monet which results him being assaulted by prison guards hired by his father even though Monet did not approve of the former's actions. Jealous of Tariq, he hires GTG to kill Tariq. They send Barz to kill Tariq and tariq notices him and he runs away but they end up fighting. 2-bit intervenes and saves Tariq but hitting Barz over the head with a pole and later drowning him to death. Tariq finds out that cane wants him dead as cane threatens him over the phone. The GTGs almost kills Zeke which causes Cane to kill 2 members from the gang and later ordering Guap that he wants half of everything. As the Tejada family finds out, they disown him.

Cane shoots Tariq's professor Jabari Reynolds and prepares to shoot Tariq but the latter talks him out of it and is convinced by Tariq to let him finish Jabari off. Cane is unsure but agrees and heads off. However it is shown that he stuck around and hid behind a tree, Cane overheard Tariq talking to his professor before he shot him in the head. He smiles to myself that maybe Tariq could be trusted.

Murders committed by Cane

  • Rel: Shot him twice in the chest and head for disrespecting him.
  • Uncle Frank: Shot him in the head for being a snitch.
  • K.O.: Shot in the head for harassing Zeke, Dru and his teammates.
  • GTG Member: Shot in the head for harassing Dru, Zeke and his teammates.
  • Danilo Ramirez: Shot to death for failing to kill Tariq and attempt to kill him.
  • GTG Member: Neck broken during a fight.
  • Mahoney: Shot in the chest for trying to kill Brayden.

Murders connected to Cane

  • Barz: Him and Lil' Guap ordered Barz to take out Tariq St. Patrick, but that failed when 2-Bit saved Tariq's life and drowns Barz in the pool.
  • Jabari Reynolds: Shot him in the abdomen which caused Jabari to bleed out, but was convinced by Tariq to let him finish Jabari off.
  • Javi: Shot to death by Mecca. Cane and Lil guap assisted.
  • GTG Member: Shot to death by Mecca. Cane and Lil guap assisted.
  • Nuff: Cane watched as Nuff has his throat sliced up by the chef on Mecca's orders for putting his hands on Tariq.


  • Kill anyone who gets in his way (Succeeded)
  • Work with Tariq (formerly)
  • Kill Tariq (formerly/failed)
  • Save his family (succeeded)
  • Kill Jabari (Succeeded)
  • Take over the streets (Succeeded)
  • Work with Mecca and become distro (succeeded)
  • Get away with Jabari's murder with Tariq (ongoing)
  • Manipluate and control Brayden (succeeded)
  • Frame Tariq for Danilo Ramirez's murder (Succeeded)


  • He was the first character in this spin-off series to make the first kill and the few characters to kill a law enforcement official (Ramirez). The others being Sandoval, Tariq, James, Kanan, and Tommy.
  • Cane is one of the few characters to kill a member of their family, others being Tariq St. Patrick, Kanan Stark and Tommy Egan
  • Originally thought to be born in 1999, his date of birth was revealed in season 2 episode 5 as his birthday is 17 October 1997.