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Caridad "Carrie" Milgram is a supporting character in the Power Universe, serving as a supporting antagonist in Power Book II: Ghost. She was a college professor at Stansfield University, who had a romantic history with Jabari Reynolds prior to the start of the series. The former prosecutor is now a professor at Stansfield in the exclusive Canonical Studies program, reuniting her with ex-boyfriend Jabari. Carrie was also Tariq and Lauren's advisor until she became an enemy of the former.

Carrie serves as a central character in season 1 and one of the two secondary antagonists in season 2 and potentially a posthumous antagonist in season 3.

She is portrated by Melanie Liburd.


Season 1

After getting her ex-boyfriend Jabari a job at the university, their past relationship sends Carrie spiraling deeper into her sex and love addiction, revealing her penchant for vulnerable black men and troubling her role as the minority student advisor, this causes her to have a sexual relationship with Stansfield basketball star Ezekiel Cross.

Murders connected to Carrie

  • Jabari Reynolds: Jabari thought Carrie was sleeping with Tariq and begun stalking Tariq. He found out that Tariq was selling drugs and was killed by Tariq and Cane for it.
  • Lauren Baldwin: Manipulated her into wearing a wire and caught Brayden and Cane on a wire and was later killed by Effie because of it.


  • Get back together with Jabari (formerly)
  • Get Tariq in the program (Succeeded)
  • Be supportive for Zeke (Succeeded)
  • Keep her relationship with Zeke a secret (Failed)
  • Help Detective Santana with the pool investigation (formerly/failed)
  • Find out who killed Jabari (succeeded)
  • Expose Tariq for his role in Jabari's murder (failed)
  • Take down Tariq and Brayden for their drug operation (failed)


  • Orginally a central character in season 1, she showed her true colours and turned villain when she manipulated Lauren into wearing a wire and is a big threat to Tariq in the mid-latter part of season 2.
  • She is indirectly responsible for Jabari's death because he thought Tariq was sleeping with her. She is also indirectly responsible for Lauren’s death as she manipulated her into wearing a wire and caught Tariq, Brayden and Cane on the wire and Effie killed Lauren as a results.
  • She is a seen as a hypercritical person as she berates Jabari for sleeping with Melissa who was a graduate student, however after that Carrie starts sleeping with Zeke.
  • As of season 2 episode 8, she is the posthumous antagonist along with Jabari and danilo.