Carter is a young gangster who works closely with his father Croop.


Season 6Edit

Carter and his father are first seen when Croop receives a phone call from Rashad Tate to come all the way from Washington DC to New York to kill James St. Patrick, before hand Carter and his father Croop go and kill a rapist pedophile named Frankie. Carter is eager to torture the victim but messes up and Croop has to shoot him in the back of the head. Croop and Carter come all the way to New York but Tate tries to cancel the hit as he heard the FBI are on to Ghost. Carter and Croop don't like it and the latter accuses him of hiring someone else. Carter watches as Croop tells him that he wants to get the job done or he will kill Tate otherwise, Tate OK's it to kill Ghost. Croop and Carter wait near Truth and follow Ghost to his meeting to see Tommy Egan, however they get in position to assassinate Ghost but they fail, Ghost and Tommy team up while Ghost covers Tommy to kill them, Tommy kills Croop and Carter gets away.

Distraught at his loss, Carter calls Tate cursing him for not warning him about Tommy. Tate quickly ends the call, despite Carter’s threats. Out for blood, he tracks Tate to the home of his brother. Once Rashad comes outside while taking out trash, Carter makes his move and holds him at gunpoint. Carter blames Tate, despite Tate bringing up how he canceled the hit. Carter strikes Tate when he mentions his father and promises to make him watch the slaughter of his family. However, Carter is unnerved when Tate stands defiant to protect his family. This distraction allows Tate's brother (who previously heard yelling) to shoot him in the back, killing him instantly.

Rashad covers up the death by calling it a robbery. Tate was brought in to the station, as the brothers are congratulated since they did a background check on Carter and his father.

Murders connected to CarterEdit

  • Frankie: Carter took part in the torture until Frankie was shot in the back of the head by his father.


  • Technically, Carter is responsible for his father's death as he was the one who shot at and alerted Ghost and Tommy.
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