Chabo was a mechanic and a criminal contact of Pink Sneakers.

Biography Edit

Prior to the events of the first season Chabo became affiliated with Pink Sneakers and was paid by Kanan Stark to have her attack Ghost's organization.

Season 2 Edit

After failing to kill Ghost, Pink Sneakers calls Chabo and tells him they have a problem. She says she has to make a stop on the way and Chabo tells her to make it fast. Kanan tracks down Chabo after the failed hit and attacks him. Kanan demands to know where Pink Sneakers is at. Chabo claims he doesn’t know where she is and asks for a couple of days to find her. Kanan gives Chabo a chance to find her and tells him not to run. Chabo ultimately fails in finding Pink Sneakers and is confronted by Kanan again. Chabo begs for mercy but Kanan kills Chabo by shooting him in the head.

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