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Chuleta was a member of a street gang called the ALM.


After Soldado Nation gang leader Carlos "Vibora" Ruiz leaves New York a rival street gang called the ALM starts stepping on his gang's corners. Ruiz paid them to stay off his gang's corners but after he left they felt the deal was off. A group of ALM members get into an argument with Soldado Nation gang members for stepping on Soldado territory before Julio and Tommy arrive. Chuleta was among the ALM members in this argument.

Tommy tries to resolve the situation but it turns violent. Chuleta comes at Tommy but Tommy knocks Chuleta to the ground. Chuleta pulls out a gun but is disarmed by Tommy before he can shoot. The police arrive shortly later and everyone flees the scene. Some time later Chuleta and another ALM member called Pollito get kidnapped by Tommy and Julio. They tape Chuleta and Pollito in bubble wrap around their bodies and take them to the roof a building. Tommy pushes Chuleta off the building and he survives due to the bubble wrap proving that Tommy's idea would work. Tommy then pulls out a gun and shoots the wounded Chuleta twice in the chest. Tommy then threatens Pollito and tells him to tell his crew to never mess with the Soldado Nation again or he will come for them. Tommy then pushes Pollito off the building and leaves knowing he'll survive and will deliver the message. It is later revealed by Poncho that everyone found out about what Tommy did to Chuleta and that everyone now knows not to mess with the Soldado Nation after hearing about what happened to Chuleta.


  • Chuleta was Tommy's first kill in Season 3 of Power.