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Croop (portrayed by Cedric the Entertainer) is a smooth gangster who works closely with his son Carter.

Croop is the minor antagonist in season 6 and served as a secondary antagonist in season 6 episode 14.


Season 6

Croop was contacted by a drunk Rashad Tate to come to New York to take care of a mess. Croop tried to bring up how he was in Washington DC but was told to come anyway and he complied.

Croop and his son Carter are first seen when Croop is torturing a pedophile named Frankie. Croop instructs his son on how to properly go about doing so, though criticizes Carter on the method. Carter soon reminds his father they have to go to New York and Croop speaks to Frankie asking if he would go after children again and the latter says he will not and Croop confirmed that he will not before he shoots Frankie in the back of the head. Croop then shoots Frankie again for good measure. He and Carter come all the way to New York but Tate tries to cancel the hit as he heard the FBI are on to Ghost. Croop doesn't like it, because he came all this way and wants his money and tells him that he wants to get the job done or he will kill Tate otherwise. Reluctantly, Tate gives the okay to kill Ghost. Croop and Carter wait near Truth and follow Ghost to his meeting to see Tommy Egan, however, they get in position to assassinate Ghost but they fail. Ghost and Tommy team up while Ghost covers Tommy to kill them. Croop orders his son to fall back before he confronts Tommy who shoots Croop, while Carter gets away. Seeing the dying Croop, Tommy realizes he isn't one of Benny Civello's men.

Carter later calls Tate to blame him for not giving him the heads up on Tommy. Carter subsequently tries to avenge his father by killing the family of Tate only to be killed by the latter's brother.

Croop's corpse is recovered and he along with his son are investigated by the police as hit men. This garnered praise for the Tate brothers on stopping them.

Murders committed by Croop

  • Frankie: Shot in the back of the head.


  • Croop implies Tate had him kill multiple people while Tate was serving as a cop.
  • He enjoyed music that reflected his heritage.
  • He appeared familiar with Frankie before killing him.
  • His one redeeming quality was killing Frankie who was said to be a pedophile.