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Officer Danilo Ramirez is a character in Power Book II: Ghost and was a dirty cop who worked for the Tejada family and had an affair with the leader Monet Stewart Tejada.

Danilo is a anti-hero inseason 1 and the posthumous overarching antagonist in season 2.

Danilo Ramirez is portrayed by Shalim Ortiz.


Season 1

He is mostly seen by Cane, who does not like Ramirez at all, especially when Monet has him around. Officer Ramirez picks Cane up at the Police Station, with a disgusted look on his face, knowing that Cane is pushing his button, he and Cane talk about Monet doing business with Tariq and Cane tells Ramirez that "it's either him or us", so Officer Ramirez agrees to help Cane take out Tariq. Ramirez is later seen in Monster with a smirk on his face, when Cane confronted him on abandoning his plan to take out Tariq. Cane latter punches Ramirez causing him to bleed out of his nose and laying on the ground as Ramirez is begging for life, but Cane doesn't listen to him and kills him.


  • Be with Monet (failed)
  • Protect the Tejadas at all cost (succeeded)
  • Keep his affair with Monet hidden from Lorenzo (Succeeded)
  • Kill Cane (Failed)



Season 1 (Power Book II: Ghost)