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Davis Maclean is a famous Defense Attorney famous for not needing the truth to win. He is the lawyer of Tasha St. Patrick and he does everything to release Tasha from prison, even betraying her son Tariq St. Patrick who hired him.

He appears as one of the deuteragonists turned anti-hero/ minor antagonist in season 1 and a deuteragonist in season 2.

Davis Maclean is portrayed by Clifford "Method Man" Smith Jr.


Season 1

Maclean is referred to Tariq St. Patrick by Tameika Washington. He is first seen giving an impassioned speech to a jury, and afterward when Tariq flags him down and tries to hire him. Bemused, Maclean advises Tariq not to let his parents define him, pro bono, before making to leave. Tariq insists on hiring him however, so Maclean demands $500,000 up front before he would even talk to Tariq. He then leaves.

Not to be outdone, Tariq goes on Ezekiel Cross's Instagram to proudly proclaim that Maclean had agreed to represent his mother, even though Maclean never did so. The public pressure forces his hand and so he accepts a $50,000 down payment for the week, hoping to be rid of Tariq afterward. He represents Tasha St. Patrick for Tariq, getting her the same plea deal that Tameika had, but Maclean insists that this time Tasha must tell the truth. He delivers Tariq's own message that if Tasha loves him, she'll tell the truth, punctuating Maclean's point. In court, however, she once again lies and ends up facing the death penalty under the Kingpin Statute.

Maclean is enraged that Tariq had been deceiving him, but Tariq convinces Maclean that he'd become a famous attorney if he won. Even so, Maclean insists on $450,000, for the "full meal".


  • Become a famous attorney after taking down the entire US Attorney's Office (Succeeded)
  • Free Tasha (Succeeded)
  • Work with Saxe to free Tasha and take down Tariq (formerly)
  • Take down Saxe (Formerly)
  • Betray Tariq (Failed)
  • Help free 2-Bit to testify against Cooper Saxe (Succeeded)
  • Get his brother Theo out of jail (ongoing)