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Diana Tejada is the daughter of Monet and Lorenzo Tejada. She is one of the main characters on Power Book II: Ghost.

Diana appears as one of the tritagonists in season 1-3.

Diana is portrayed by LaToya Tonodeo.


Power Book II: Ghost

Seasons 1

Murders connected to Diana

  • Rico Barnes: Went to pick up Monet after she killed him and destroyed the burner she used to call Rico.
  • The contracter: She framed him after taking Monet money to pay Davis to get her father out of prison.
  • Zeke Cross: Lorenzo shot behind his back entering the plane, this was after Diana had told him what was in Mecca’s bay.


  • Peruse a relationship with Tariq (ongoing)
  • Follow Monet orders (Ongoing)
  • Convince Monet to let her go school (Failed)
  • Get her father Lorenzo out of jail (Succeeded)



Season 1 (Power Book II: Ghost)

Season 2 (Power Book II: Ghost)