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Dru Tejada is the youngest son of Monet and Lorenzo Tejada. He is one of the main characters on Power Book II: Ghost.

Dru serves as one of the tritagonists in season 1-2.

Dru is portrayed by Lovell Adams-Gray.


Power Book II: Ghost

Season 1

Artist by day and up-and-coming drug lord by night, Dru has no desire to be part of the Tejada drug cartel but has no choice since it has been in the family's DNA since his parents got married. After including Tariq has the family's new business partner, Monet sends Dru to Stansfield to get information on where Tariq stores their product. Dru visits Tariq's dorm and gets no information out of it. Instead, ends up joining Tariq's art class and partners with Zeke's basketball teammate Everett, who starts to get romantically involved with him.

After the homecoming basketball game, Lil Guap tries to shoot Zeke in the knee but misfires after Dru tackles him and nearly beats him death. Dru then grabs Lil Guap's gun to kill him until he sees Everett shook after learning Dru's true identity. This happened after the failed attempt to kill Tariq under orders of Cane and Lil Guap, resulting in the death of Barz. As the Tejada family finds out, they disown him.

Dru hears Rico pull up at the bar with the drop, but knows it's a trap the moment he realizes the drugs haven't been shipped yet. Dru tries to get a weapon to fire back at the shooters but ends up wounded in the shoulder, Cane arrives after the shootout and rushes Dru to the hospital. Dru managed to survive after he was taken into surgery.

Murders committed by Dru

  • Kino: Shot to death on orders from Lorenzo.

Murders connected to Dru

  • Uncle Frank: Killed by Cane and Dru helped dispose of Frank’s body.
  • D.C. Joe: helped Tariq dispose of the body after being killed by Monet.
  • K.O.: Killed by Cane as Dru ordered him to for threatening Zeke.
  • GTG member: Killed by Cane as Dru ordered him to for threatening Zeke.
  • Kino’s girlfriend: Killed by Kino former right hand under orders from Lorenzo.


  • Become an artist (formerly)
  • Leave the drug game (failed; Possibly ongoing)
  • Rescue Zeke (succeeded)
  • Kill Kino and ally himself with his crew (succeeded)



Season 1 (Power Book II: Ghost)

Season 2 (Power Book II: Ghost)

  • Free Will is Never Free
  • Selfless Acts?
  • The Greater Good
  • Gettin' These Ends
  • Coming Home To Roost
  • What's Free?