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Effie Morales is a major character in the Power universe, serving as a minor character in Power and the tritagonist/anti-hero in Power Book II: Ghost. She is Tariq's ex-girlfriend from Choate, she sold drugs with Tariq and the two started a relationship until she got him expelled.

Effie appeared as a central character and minor antagonist in Season 6.

She returns in Power Book II: Ghost as a supporting character in season 1, one of the deuteragonists/anti-hero of seasons 2-3.


Season 6

She meets Tariq St. Patrick at Choate and tells him to stop dealing drugs until she agrees to work with him. The pair grow a liking towards each other and later begins a relationship. However, it doesn’t last long as she betrays him by exposing his activities, thus getting him expelled.

Power Book Il: Ghost

Season 1

She gets into Yale university and she reunites with Tariq, wanting to make amends. She gives condolences about the death of his father and the imprisonment of his mother. After he shrugs this off, she explains why she did what she did. Tariq takes the drugs with her as payback and he leaves, despite her pleading.

She later arrives at Tariq’s room which makes Lauren jealous. She explains to Tariq that she needs his help, though because of her betrayal in the original series, he tells her he doesn’t deal drugs anymore and she walks away. After getting into debt with 2-bit, Tariq has no choice but to work with Effie and later both of them have sex. Tariq helps her sell drugs on campus but later lies to her that he has to meet his mother’s lawyer but in fact has to meet 2-Bit. After believing that he ditched her, she tells Brayden that Tariq was selling her drugs and she leaves to go back to Yale. Tariq later meets Effie the next day and apologized for lying to her but tells her that he tried to keep her safe as he was nearly killed by Barz. She is accepting and brings out his inner-ghost and kisses him goodbye.

Season 2

At Yale, Effie is kissing her friend Yoli until they are interrupted by Brayden and Yoli leaves. Effie explains to Brayden that Tariq only cares about himself and he leaves. However Effie calls him back telling him that she has been caught with fake drugs and she gets into a fight. Tariq arrives and Effie meets Diana and get into a fight until Tariq stops them. The following day, Effie teaches Diana the game and helps her about who has the advantage of stealing products. Effie and Diana later go shopping and discuss their family problems and Effie warns Diana not to mess around with Tariq because she will get hurt (although this could have been a cover to have Tariq to all herself).

After hearing that Tariq is being put on trial for the murders of Danilo and Jabari and that he had bailed, she visits him at his room after he broke up with Lauren and supports him and discovers that although he didn't kill Ramirez, he did kill Jabari and she tells him he did what he had to. They later make out and since Tariq is wearing an ankle monitor until trial and is not allowed to go anywhere other than Stansfield and Maclean place, Tariq has Effie meet Monet and tells her that Effie will be working for them. Back at home, Brayden, Effie and Tariq plot their next move on how to get payback at Cane and Monet. Brayden is tasked with playing Cane so that they can get him and Effie is in charge of re-ups. Brayden leaves and Effie worried about Tariq's safety wonders if keeping Cane alive is safe. Tariq knows that he has to kill Cane but knows that it will cause trouble but Effie supports him anyway. The trio: Brayden, Tariq and Effie together starts plotting against the Tejadas.

While Tariq is at his trial, Effie and Brayden teams up with Lil Guap, Cane, Monet and the GTGs to rob Mecca in order for Tariq to pay for Davis. She comforts Tariq as he is upset that Lauren betrayed him and they have sex. The following day, Tariq tells Effie that Lauren was wearing a wire on Brayden and Cane and plans on saving her but Effie believes Tariq is going soft so she tells Brayden and Cane that Lauren was wearing a wire so Cane orders Brayden to kill her otherwise he will kill Brayden. Effie pulls up after spotting Brayden deciding not to kill Lauren so Lauren knocks her out and kidnaps her and seemingly kills her. She returns to her room watching Tariq sleep as she feels guilty for what she has done.

Murders committed by Effie

  • Lauren Baldwin: Murdered through unknown means and staged her death as a car accident for wearing a wire on Cane and Brayden and to keep Tariq to herself.


  • Be rich (ongoing)
  • Take out the competition at Choate (succeeded)
  • Rekindle her relationship with Tariq (succeeded)
  • Sell drugs with Tariq during homecoming (succeeded)
  • Help Tariq and Brayden take down Cane (ongoing/possibly formerly)
  • Kill Lauren for wearing a wire on Tariq, Cane and Brayden (Succeeded)
  • Keep her involvement with Lauren’s death a secret from Tariq (ongoing)
  • Get away with Lauren’s murder (ongoing)


  • She was a love interest for Tariq in season 6 of Power.
  • It was revealed in season 2 that Effie is bisexual.
  • Lauren was Effie’s first onscreen kill.


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