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Elisa Marie Proctor is the daughter of Joe and Lindsay Proctor.

Elisa appeared as a central character from Season 4-6, although she served as a deuteragonist to Tommy in Season 6 episode 13.

She was mentioned in Power Book II: Ghost season 1.


Elisa is picked up by her father, who she talks too before Warner appears. Warner requests for permission to speak with Joe and gives her money. Elisa is not too pleased with a $20 and is able to get a $100 before leaving satisfied as her father expressed pride in her.

As she sits on the couch, Elisa overhears her father tell her uncle Benny about how he intentionally let her mother overdose to protect her. Elisa is horrified to hear this but doesn’t react to her father.


  • She shares her father's business sense, as she was able to get a hundred dollars after complaining about initially getting a twenty.
  • She is very intelligent, as she was able to realize her uncle Benny was deceased.
  • Two of her relatives have been killed by Tommy with them being her father Joe and uncle Benny.


  • Find out who killed her father (succeeded)
  • Make Tommy pay for killing her father (formerly)
  • Prevent Tommy from being killed (succeeded)