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Exactly How We Planned is the fifteenth episode and season finale of the sixth season and the 63rd and final overall episode of Power.



Tariq tells Tasha, even if Dre is dead he has a plan and he walks off. Unwilling to let it fall through, Tasha makes an anonymous tip to the cops. Tasha then goes to see Quinton and have sex. After the encounter, the police broke in with Quinton confused while Tasha is revealed to have implicated him. Quinton asks for warrant and arrested the surprised Q who locked eyes with Tasha and realized she set him up. Q begged her to explain while the guilty Tasha couldn't speak and watched him be taken away.

Blanca arrives telling Tasha that Quinton was questioned but stated he had an alibi of going to a diner to prove he was innocent by mentioning the diner and how Tasha asked for a ride, revealing her guilt. Blanca then has Tasha arrested for the crime of killing her husband, as Tariq protests but is held back. Still wanting to protect him, Tasha tells her son to go to school and live his life.

In the final scenes, Tasha gets ready to go to prison while Tariq starts his college life.

After the credits, a young Tommy and James are coming from school, talking about meeting Breezy before James spots Angela. Tommy is annoyed and walks off, as James talks to Angela.



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  • The episode scored (TBA) million viewers.
  • The title is a direct reference to Not Exactly How We Planned, the very first episode of the series.
  • The episode reveals Tariq is the shooter, as well as the person Tommy saw.
  • Tasha tries to frame her lover but is exposed and takes full responsibility for Tariq's crime and goes to prison.
  • Ghost references how Tasha loved the criminal side of him more.