Hugo Sanchez is a minor antagonist in Season 3 of the Starz TV series Power. He is a henchmen of the notorious drug kingpin Felipe Lobos.

He is portrayed by Gabriel Sloyer.


Not much is known about him, other than that he works for Lobos.

Season 3

He first appears while Lobos is trying to get Tommy Egan to kill James St. Patrick aka Ghost in order for the former to become Lobos's sole distributor. Hugo kills Tommy's dog on Lobos' orders as the latter threatened to kill his girlfriend Holly Weaver and his dog Belle. He later meets up with Tommy whom is unhappy about the situation and Hugo just simply tells him to kill Ghost. During this time, Hugo meets up with Lobos' FBI mole Mike Sandoval and they plan Lobos' escape as he is currently locked up. When Lobos' escape is finally arranged by Mike, Hugo is waiting at the rendezvous point and calls Mike about his boss' whereabouts as he didn't show up as planned and was kidnapped by Ghost and Tommy. Lobos was then killed by Ghost afterwards.

After Lobos' death, Hugo meets up with Mike on what to do. Hugo immediately asks Mike where is Lobos but Mike insists he doesn’t know. The exchange in both English and Spanish gets heated after Mike asks for the phone used by Hugo to contact him. Mike wants to destroy it so nothing can lead back to him. The request triggers Hugo to press Mike and request some money and a plane ticket so he can get the hell out of dodge. Mike tells Hugo he can’t help him, doing so will ensure they get caught by the feds. Hugo is not trying to hear it and dangles Mike’s ex-wife and daughter over his head telling him he knows their location thanks to Lobos and he will kill them if Mike doesn’t help him. Hugo is later captured by Tommy and Ghost and they interrogate him. Ghost tells Hugo to give up his inside contact so they can get revenge on him and help their cause in the process. Hugo has no idea that Lobos is dead and threatens the dynamic drug dealing duo that when Lobos finds out about them they will be in trouble. His threats go even further when he starts talking about Belle and Holly and that instantly triggers the crazy that lays dormant inside Tommy, causing the latter to shoot him to death.

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