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I Call the Shots is the ninth episode of the third season and the 27th overall episode of Power.


Angela takes action to find the mole, while Ghost makes a move to regain the club deal. Ghost and Tasha fall into a familiar role while Kanan has a dark influence on Tariq. Milan warns Tommy of the price of betrayal.


Angela and Greg are back together. James and Tasha are talking over the success of the club and how their children will be supported in the future. Tasha states he proved her wrong by getting legal money and he states that no matter what they were still his family and he'll come through. Tasha smiles at him and he smiles back but this leads to an awkward moment before Tasha tries to make an excuse to leave however, James grabs her and kisses her. This leads to them staring at each other before kissing again which causes them to make passionate love.



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  • The episode scored 2.04 million viewers.
  • Angela reconciles her relationship with Greg.
  • Angela confirms the mole in her office.
  • LaKeisha has disappeared.
  • Tommy tells Ghost that the latter will listen to him about Milan.
    • It also appears he is conspiring against him in a talk with Milan.