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It's All Your Fault is the thirteenth episode of the sixth season and the 61st overall episode of Power.


Tommy is on a path to avenge LaKeisha's murder. Elisa Marie investigates whats on the USB stick given to her by her father. Tommy must destroy the evidence and he might need Ghost's help to retrieve it.


Tommy is called by 2-Bit on who he thinks drop the body on him.

Spanky is coming out of a store with snacks before he is met by Tommy. They talk with a nervous Spanky stating he had no idea if Tommy snitched and that 2-Bit sent the gangster who LaKeisha killed. Spanky is then told Tommy is heading out for a fresh start and he asks where, with Tommy stating if he told him "I'd have to kill you". Tommy then tells him California and shoots Spanky in the eye, killing him instantly. Tommy visits Elisa Marie, as she reveals that she knows he killed her father and Tommy tells her to look him up if she wants to get even. Elisa gives him the last recording which she had in her necklace and he destroys it. Tommy tells her that he'll see her around and leaves.

With loose ends taken care of, Tommy decides to leave New York behind. Turning on the radio, he hears the broadcast about Ghost's death and Tate's nomination, before listening to music and heading out to California for a new start.



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  • The episode scored (0.90)million viewers.
  • It is revealed Tommy is not the shooter, but he caught sight of the shooter.
  • Tommy learns Tasha killed LaKeisha and blamed Ghost.
  • Tommy gets a new version of his car from Ghost and leaves New York after cutting ties with those around him or taking care of loose ends.
  • It is confirmed Ghost is dead and he spent his last moments with Tommy.