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Jabari Reynolds was a college professor at Stansfield University, who had a romantic history with Carrie Milgram prior to the start of the series. The one-time rising literary star accepts a position at Stansfield as a professor in the exclusive Canonical Studies program after his most recent novel bombs, reuniting him with ex-girlfriend Carrie.

Jabari served as one of the two tertiary antagonists in season 1 and the posthumous overarching antagonist in season 2.


Power Book II: Ghost

Season 1

Jabari attempts to act as a father figure to a disinterested Tariq, even goes as far as to follow and find out that he sells drugs on campus. Jabari uses what he finds out about Tariq as leverage for his next novel. After Tariq accepts his offer of making him the title of his next novel, Jabari meets with Tariq university to pay him as he promised. Jabari then gets shot in the stomach by Cane after he asked Tariq if Dru was the one who killed Barz. Tariq then finished him off knowing Jabari was going to expose him and the rest of his family as well as the Tejada drug cartel, even though Jabari begged and said he wouldn't write the book.

Season 2

Jabari’s death is the centre stage of season 2 and Carrie is asked to identify his body. He appears in Tariq’s nightmares haunting him. After Carrie dies, Jabari and Carrie haunt Tariq in his hallucinations.


  • Find a story for his next book (Succeeded)
  • Get Tariq in the program (Succeeded)
  • Reconcile with Milgram (partially succeeded)
  • Find the killer of the GTG member (failed)
  • Expose Tariq in his novel (failed later posthumously succeeded)
  • Expose Milgram of her affair (Failed)
  • Beg Tariq for mercy (failed)


  • Jabari became the first main character in any spin-off to be killed.
  • Jabari was a central character from episode 1-6, before becoming an antagonist from episode 7-10.
  • He was an antagonist towards Tariq and Carrie and a threat towards the Tejada family.
  • Despite being the antagonist towards Tariq, he did deeply care about Tariq as he attempted to become a father-figure to him as well as promising not to write the book about him before being killed by Tariq.
  • He was one of the two final antagonists of Ghost, the other being Tommy Egan.