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This page is about the character nicknamed "Ghost". If you're looking for the first spin-off of Power, see Power Book II: Ghost.

James 'Ghost' St. Patrick is the main protagonist of the Power universe, serving as the main protagonist of Power, one of the posthumous overarching protagonists alongside (Raina St. Patrick) of Power Book II: Ghost ,and the posthumous overarching protagonist of Power Book IV: Force. He was the owner of renowned nightclub Truth, furthering his pursuits by campaigning to become the next Lieutenant Governor of New York. He is portrayed by Omari Hardwick.



James St. Patrick was born in Queens, New York and was raised by his father who had his own club which inspired James of wanting his own club. James was particularly close to his Uncle Gabe. At some point, James stopped a couple of thugs from beating up Tommy Egan who was picked on due to his standout race and the two became close friends--sticking up for each other ever since. At another point, James' father was killed by drug dealers who he attempted to report to the cops for harassment. As a result, James left his old home and moved in with Tommy. However, this was still not good enough because they struggle to survive on the streets, ultimately causing him and Tommy to start selling on the corner for Kanan and Breezy in their original hometown South Jamaica Queens. He soon started by the nickname "Ghost" as he became so professional in selling that he disappeared before the police could spot him. He met Angela Valdes in high school, while Ghost and Angie were together her family hated Ghost for drug dealing ways. Eventually, Angie went away with her family and Ghost never got a chance to see her again.

While hustling on the streets, he worked under Breezy who was a strong street leader but wasn't too smart. His decisions often put Kanan, Tommy, and Ghost in danger. While still in High School, Ghost came up with a plan to kill Breezy. Ghost and Kanan went into Breeze's apartment while he was watching Jeopardy. Ghost offered Breezy the chance to join his plan but was rejected. With no other choice, Ghost then killed Breezy while he was distracted by television. With Breeze dead, Kanan became the boss while Ghost and Tommy worked the corners for Kanan.

As a young adult, Ghost met and ended up marrying Tasha having three children with her (in accordance to an iron-clad prenup agreement with Tasha) Ghost had plans to expand his business beyond the streets, but Kanan would not go for it and was his main obstacle in his plans of moving forward. Kanan was a young, ambitious hotheaded drug dealer, who simply was content with what he had.

This caused Ghost to wonder what to do about him, as Tasha told Ghost to kill Kanan but he loved him too much like a big brother to do so and instead put Kanan in prison with Tasha aiding him in the act.

Now free to fulfill his plans, Ghost and Tommy used all the money they made on the drug corner to buy parking lots and then laundry-mats. Ghost then fulfilled his plan to open a night club, which was the dream Ghost wanted for years. Whereas Tommy only wanted it to clean their drug money. Julio was their 3rd in command but originally Julio was part of a street gang & Ghost managed to get him out of the gang by paying for his freedom and having him come work for him. He also took in Kanan's son Shawn Stark, allowing the latter to be his driver and seeing him as a surrogate son.

Season 1

Ghost is first walking into Truth with his wife Tasha, Ghost has a walk round his nightclub until Shawn tells him that Tommy wants a talk with him, Ghost goes down and sees a kidnapped couple in the Truth basement, Ghost tells the crew to let the girlfriend go and deal with the man (Miguel Alvarez) and forces him to tell them who put him up to it, Miguel refuses so Ghost shoots him in the head. Ghost warns Tommy to never take him to the basement again when there is a full party upstairs. Tommy and Ghost visit Felipe Lobos and tells him that he is gonna make all the gang members make peace and all work for him. When Tommy notices a like in to Holly and Tommy asks Ghost about her, Ghost tells him not to get attached to her as it was bad for business, Tommy instead starts to go out with her and taking her to Ghost's house to dinner which Ghost didn't like, which though she stole Tasha's earrings Ghost and Tommy have a dispute and ask why is he even taking her to his house. The assassin Pink Sneakers goes through bit by bit slowing Ghost's drug operation down by killing Anibal and attempting to kill Carlos "Vibora" (Carlos Ruiz) just after Ghost and Tommy accuses them of hiring her to do the job, Ghost and Tommy find out who is hiring her after Tommy came to New Jersey visiting Drifty, Ghost then gets a phone call from Kanan from prison telling him that the RSK leader Rolla was the one who hired Pink Sneakers to kill off the drug operation, Ghost has 2nd thoughts about Rolla doing it as the other gang leaders got wrongly accused but Tommy then convinces Ghost to kill him or he will do it. Ghost is in Rolla's apartment and he goes and shoots Rolla right in the face. In the final episode of season 1 it turned out Kanan was the one who hired Pink Sneakers, she goes and visits Kanan in prison and he hires her to kill Ghost. When Ghost is in his nightclub, Holly calls him Ghost, of course he hated it, Pink Sneakers is in Truth and goes and attempts to shoot Ghost but accidently shot Holly instead. Ghost rings up Lobos and tell him that he wants to work for him and be the biggest drug dealer of New York.

Meanwhile owning Truth on the 2nd night when Tasha comes to Truth and is all dressed up, Ghost then happens to see his former girlfriend from high school (Angela Valdes), they catch up and they go and meet up but what he doesn't know is that she is a federal lawyer and is on the team that the FBI agents are tracking down Ghost's boss Felipe Lobos which they are also trying to track down Ghost but is actually unknown to them . Ghost on a regular bases then starts sleeping with Angie.

When there was a big overdose in Truth, Simon Stern starts sniffing in and gets suspicious about him owning Truth which also shuts down Truth on a temporary basis, he leaves Ghost's manager (Josh Kantos) in charge which he didn't want to take off Ghost.

Season 2

After Holly got shot and survived, Ghost went to go look for Tommy to tell him what happened, but of course Tommy was in hiding at his mother's house after murdering Nomar on orders by Carlos Ruiz for having sex with his 14 year old daughter, but found Tommy who held him at gunpoint. Tommy told Ghost that Angela is an AUSA Attorney for the states courts with the FBI, Ghost was shocked and Tommy realized that he was unaware and told Ghost to kill her. As a result, he carries on his relationship with her and takes her to Miami to invest in another nightclub, but that wasn't the only reason. Ghost also needed to find Pink Sneakers, before Ghost tries to get to her, Kanan then sends Dre to kill her but she's still alive when Ghost catches her and she tells him Rolla wasn't the one who hired her which then Ghost realizes Kanan is the one hiring her. When Ghost is back in New York he gets all the gangs to truce, but Kanan and Tommy already killed Q-Dubs and his crew which gives Kanan to have Dre and his crew to take that territory. Ghost and Tommy try and get Vladimir and his crew to take up on his offer but Vladimir doesn't trust them so they go and send the Saldado Nation and Dre's crew to squash them by spray painting gypsy which they go and blame the Albanians, then Vladimir goes and works with Ghost. Kanan and Dre form an alliance with Drifty, Vibora and Vladimir to get on Lobos connect and kill Ghost but Lobos is arrested along with Tommy and they go to prison, Ghost finds his way to get Tommy out of jail, which also gets Angie out of her job and finds out that James is Ghost and also sent Holly away which Tommy also hated as Holly knew too much. Ghost also killed Drifty and Vladimir and sent Vibora away with his daughter which saved Angie her job, Ghost ordered Lobos to be murdered but failed and attempts to kill Kanan in a burning building which he believed he killed Kanan.

When Holly comes back, Tommy confronts Ghost about getting rid of Holly and goes to shoot him but Dre comes from behind and puts a gun to Tommy's head and tells him to back off. Tommy complies and Ghost goes on running his nightclub that he now owns against and moves on with his life with Angie and Tommy is with Holly until Hugo Sanchez approaches him to talk to Lobos on the phone to kill Ghost otherwise he will kill Ghost and Tommy and also Holly and her dog.

Ghost carries on owning his nightclub after getting Stern off his back, he continues his relationship with Angie and has Dre working for him as his chauffer, when Greg Knox visits Truth and tries to question Josh Kantos, he refuses but then Ghost fires Kantos. Ghost tries to get hold of Tommy, but Tommy is out to kill Ghost otherwise Tommy and Ghost both get killed and Holly too along with the dog. Ghost visits Tasha and explains that he killed Kanan (in reality Kanan survived the fire) after Kanan killed Shawn, Tasha didn't believe it until she caught up with Tommy and he tells her.

Season 3

With Ghost under pressure of Lobos he hires foot soldiers which happens to be Milan who fakes his name as Dean, when Tommy failed to assassinate Ghost, Holly then hires the Jamaicans to kill Ghost but it fails to plan as Milan and his men kill them in a drive by shooting, Tommy kills Holly when he found out and also found out moments before that Ghost had killed Dylan and his men for trying to kill Tommy, Tommy and Ghost make up again to plan to kill Lobos, but Angie warned Ghost that she could be in trouble for Lobos getting killed could cost her job, but Proctor did warn Ghost that its either protecting Angie or saving his own life, Ghost chose to save his own life with Tommy and go and kill Lobos. Mike Sandoval arranges for Lobos to escape with Hugo Sanchez, Tommy goes along with it and Ghost kills the Lobos driver and they kidnap Lobos, Tasha is with Ghost during the plan but stays in the hotel, Lobos later killed by Ghost and Tasha finds a separation form which she wasn't happy about.

When Ghost is back in New York at his club he tells his men he doesn't need him until Milan tells Ghost he needs him and uses him as a slave drug dealer for stealing off Vladimir and killing him and tells him he needs Tommy and threatens to kill his family and Angela. When talking to Tommy about Milan, Tommy then tells him not tell Angela that the Serbian and Milan are after her. Ghost then goes over to Angela place and talk. Ghost dumps Angie as he was back to his old ways again, he sells illegal cigarettes in his nightclub, Ghost is terrified of Milan and gets an FBI agent he knows to investigate Milan, with Vibora back he uses Vibora to set up Milan and get arrested.

In the finale, Ghost and Tasha talk where he reveals that his club has garnered enough legal money to support their children. Tasha admits that James proved her wrong and that his club could earn more money than his crime business could as he states he always has a plan. He then tells her that no matter what she and the kids were his family, and he would keep her safe like he is doing with Milan these words leaves her touched. The two shared a kiss which leads to them making passionate love and have them question their relationship status.

He then informs Tasha about his plan but she tells Tommy which causes Tommy to kill Ruiz and tells Ghost after that he's going to be in charge of taking out Milan, although being under pressure with Greg wanting to take him down, Ghost breaks in his apartment to find the record device what he had on Vibora but couldn't find it and leaves out. On his drive, Greg stops Ghost but finds nothing on him and then Sandoval kills Knox.

At his club, Ghost is confronted by Milan who promises to kill him. However, Ghost has his own ace in the hole which was having Dre and his gang corner Milan and his men while also getting Tasha to hold Milan's woman off.

Ghost then meets up with Tommy where they kill Milan and with him gone, Ghost returns to his club. There he spots Angie and goes to talk with her but Angie had just returned from Greg's apartment and found Ghost's finger prints and arrests Ghost for the murder he didn't commit.

Season 4

Imprisoned for a crime he didn't commit; Ghost spends a majority of the season behind bars where he deals with a series of problem both inside and outside. His problem in prison were dealing with an abusive guard named Marshal Clyde Williams, a mob boss named Tony Teresi who briefly blackmails him about his alias and the possibility of facing the death penalty. On the outside, his family is suffering because of the crime and his businesses are shut down due to the possible link to the crime.

Soon Ghost resolves some of these problems by blackmailing Teresi and having Williams transferred. While working out, Williams arrives and signals all the inmates and the guards to leave the room. Ghost tries to leave but Marshal Williams stops him. Marshal Williams starts to taunt Ghost who remains silent but angry at his words. However, when Marshal Williams mentions how he will visit Ghost's wife and make her fall in love with him and how his wife and kids will call him daddy, this causes Ghost to lose control and attack Marshal Williams.

They get into a fight with Ghost giving the abusive guard a well-deserved beating before the latter fights back. Eventually, the brawl ends with Ghost brutally murdering Marshal Williams with a free weight by smashing his head in with it. Realizing, he killed in a blind rage Ghost is shocked as Biscuit and Teresi arrive. Biscuit quickly attacks Ghost with a shiv, though the latter regains his sense and manages to hold him off as Tony sneaks up on Biscuit by putting him in a submission hold and telling him there was a change of plans before the inmate dies. Tony then orders for Ghost to take his clothes off as he is confused as Tony shouts at him to do it, to which he does so. Ghost is told to switch clothes with Biscuit and wipes off the blood on him before Tony drags Biscuit to the exercising equipment where he hangs him with a belt to make it the look like the inmate killed Williams and committed suicide to avoid the consequences of his actions. Ghost and Tony leave the scene for the guards to find the carnage.

Angela later discovers that he's innocent and the judge dismisses the charges against him and he is allowed to return home. Before leaving, he is told by Teresi to give Tommy a cell phone to contact him while revealing that he is Tommy's father to Ghost's shock.

Returning a free man, Ghost tries to patch up with his wife but is rebuffed and is met with another problem in the form of his old enemy Simon Stern who gave money to Tasha in their time of need and wants to go into business with him for a project to repay him.

Ghost faces new problems with the shady councilmen Lorenz Tate, Tommy killing a federal agent, and Proctor now joining them since he is an accomplice, learning Tommy made a new alliance with a gang but he manages it. However, his biggest problem comes when Tariq is kidnapped by Kanan Stark and he is forced to rob Tommy to pay for his son's ransom.

When the men get to the house, Jukebox quickly figures out she’s getting crossed, and she doesn’t like it. She pulls a gun on Tariq, who’s tied to a chair, and taunts James for his new image starts spilling secrets. Ghost begs her for his son and watches as she commands Kanan to tell Tariq who he really is.

Juke is done with the truth-telling, so she goes to shoot Tariq, but Kanan takes her out with a round of bullets to the chest, killing her. Ghost grabs his freaked-out son and hugs him, swaying back and forth before glaring at Kanan who says he’ll see Tariq around, grabs the cash, and leaves.

Afterwards, Ghost returns home with his son and explains to Tommy why he took the money as the latter understands.

Wanting to do better in his life, Ghost meets with man name Rashad Tate who is a councilman that wants to give back to the community, and help children who are on the street. Ghost then has a meeting with Tate to do a project in NY.

At a ceremony where he is rewarded for being a good citizen falsely accused, he meets Angela and congratulates her on her promotion. Unfortunately, his daughter Raina is killed that night and he is guilty that he could have done something.

Ghost later joins Tommy in confronting the gang they believed was responsible though they learned the gang was innocent but discover Dre set Julio up to die, which angers Tommy but Ghost kills Uriel and shrugs it off as he wants to find who killed his daughter.

Much later, he is called by Tommy and finds out a man named Ray Ray was responsible for Raina's death and is told of the latter's address.

James goes there where he witnesses Tariq heading there too in order to avenge his sister. Running behind his son, he arrives too late as Tariq kills Ray Ray. Unsure how to feel with Raina being avenged, Ghost has Tasha take Tariq home before he and Tommy dispose of the body to avoid framing Tariq.

Ghost and Tommy then make plans to get Dre before Tommy receives a call from Kanan to tell him to let him speak with Ghost and they form an alliance. The three men sit in Tommy's car and spot Dre with his new affiliation, they realize it was too risky to kill him since he was protected by the Jimenez Cartel. The three then drive off with the intention of getting reinforcement to carry out their plan for revenge another day.

Season 5

James continues to deal with Raina's death and blames others like Tariq, Tasha, and Dre for his daughter's demise.

As they make plans, James questions Kanan if he can be trusted but the latter assures him since they have a common enemy. He and Kanan bond to an extent before they try to kill Dre but the latter anticipated this and shoots at James, grazing and leaving him wounded but Tommy and Kanan get him to safety. Proctor has an underground doctor tend to James and the latter thanks him for the help and welcomes him to the family.

During Raina's funeral, James watches as Tariq speaks for his sister before running off stage, seemingly distraught. Taking over, James gives a speech for his child while unknown to him Tariq alerts Dre of him being in danger and he escapes.

At Raina's grave, James breaks down and apologizes to his child for not protecting her. Dre appears and apologizes for his loss as James is angry to see him but the latter stops him from trying to attack since he's not armed. Dre tells James not to come after him since his new bosses will surely kill him, his associates and family if he tries and gives the warning to back off.

While having dinner with the investor, James flirts with her to change her mind and she does after making advances on him. James ends up having another affair by sleeping with her.

James continues to spiral out of control, as shown by him drinking more and focusing more often on business and revenge. However, after an outburst on Tate, he decides to go to church and pray which helps him overcome his pain. He later goes over to Angela and apologizes for hurting her. Ghost reveals that the reason why he broke up with her was because a man name Milan threaten his family and her. Shocked by his revelation, Angela is unsure if she can trust him, but James ask her if she still loves him. Angela says yes and they both kiss.

After he visits Angela, Tasha comes over and he learns of the plot to cover Ray Ray's death. At night, Tasha rants about James and Angela potentially setting her up, James tries to speak up as she says that Terry Silver will cover for her. James questions this as Tasha states that Terry loves her, revealing to him she had been having an affair before she storms out on her shocked husband. Afterwards, he speaks to Angela and they continue to open up about things before rekindling their romance by having sex.

Later, he talks to Tasha about her cheating while he was in jail but she corrects him by stating it started after he was released and he asks if she can really get him to collaborate with her and she is confident. James soon goes to a garage and is meets Terry to tell him that he knows of the affair and Terry states it started after he was released from jail. He brings up what Tasha said about Tariq as James tells Terry to confirm Tasha's lie and threatens him. Terry is not fazed as his appearance in court is required and that if something happens James will be a suspect since he will have a motive: a jealous husband taking revenge.

Later Councilman Tate tells James that he is out of the Queen's Child Project due to his anger at the fun raising event, and not wanting James to ruin his chances as governor of New York. Tate promises James to give him his money back. Ghost then bribes Tate's guy Alphonse into giving up information for him. Alphonse accidentally reveal to James that Councilman Tate is paying him by stealing money from the Queen's Child Project. Ghost meets with Tate at Truth and plays the recording of Alphonse's confessions and blackmails him into keeping him on the Queen's Child Project.

James continues to see Angela before Tasha arrives and confronts James and Angela over Terry's leaves but James says he had nothing to do with it. After Tasha states she has had enough and decides to turn herself in for the killing of Ray Ray, James stops her and says he'll go down for their family. This surprises her and she looks at him in shock.

James tries to frame Dre for Ray Ray's murder by using Tasha's gun. He and Tommy plans to place the gun at the Basset hotel and plant Diego's head in the freezer. However when James goes to the safe for Tasha's gun it was missing. Ghost later finds out that Tasha and Angela put her gun in Kanan's car and that the police would arrest Kanan for Ray Ray's murder. James is later angry that not only Tasha and Angela went behind his back to frame Kanan, but almost got Tariq killed.

After Kanan's death, James's world starts to crumble. James is unaware that Tariq is selling drugs at his school, and that his attitude toward James is getting worse as James attempts to restore his relationship with his son which to no avail fails. Tommy is starting questions James loyalty and honesty. When Angela shows up at Truth, she tells him that Teresi is a snitch, by showing him pictures of him talking to Mak, and Saxe. James tells her he was right about not trusting Teresi, and Angela tells him to get Tommy to believe him, or else they would be going to jail. James convinces Vincent Ragni to order Tommy to kill his father, by showing him proof that Teresi is a snitch. After Tommy tells James that he was right about Teresi and that he killed him James is shown being relieved that Tommy killed his father.

Both James and Tommy meets up with Angela and Tasha at their old high school to come up with a plan to clear their names from a R.I.C.O investigation from the Mike Sandavol and Lobos murders. James later talks to Angela that after clearing their names, they can still have their dream really be a reality. Proctor later tells James that the investigation is not over and that a witness is testifying against him and can identify him as Ghost.

Believing that Angela is the witness, he later confronts her at their old school about betraying him. Angela denies this and tells him what happen to Terry Silver, and asks him did he killed him. James tells her no (even though is shown that James killed Silver after watching him and his wife having sex).

Angela believes him and they kiss, unaware that Tommy is watching them and finding out about James's lies. After telling Angela that he loves her she pushes him out the way and is shot by Tommy. Shocked by Tommy shooting at him and Angela getting hurt , he yells at him but Angela calls his name and tries to save her. At the end of season 5 he calls out her name in a panic.

Season 6

After rushing Angela to the hospital by the EMT's and Angela calling his name, James is then questioned by the police at the hospital. Ghost lies about who shot Angela. After being questioned, Ghost is daydreaming about the good times he and Angela had. Angela's sister Paz then storms out and attacks James revealing Angela is dead and James is shown distraught.

Later he waits for Tommy to arrive home and attacks him for killing Angela, and Tommy fires back and tells him that he knows that he tricked him into killing Teresi and that he was only snitching on James.

Afterwards James returns to his club and informs Tasha that Angela is dead and that Tommy tried to kill him but Angela saved him and asks for her help. Tasha refuses and ask James where Terry Silver is, but James tells her that he was working with the Feds. After seeing that James only loved Angela more and himself, Tasha tells James she wants a divorce.

James talks to Paz to tell her that he loved Angela and that he would never hurt her. Angry Paz tells James that he ruined her sisters life by having her lie for him, ruining her career, and making her believe that he was really leaving Tasha. James expresses that he loved her and that he did leave his wife, Paz refuses to believe him and tells him that he is going to jail.

Angry over Tommy killing Angela, Ghost then follows Tommy to his warehouse were he is meeting Jason Micic (head of the Serbian Mafia). When he sees Tommy car driving and assumed that Tommy is driving, he shoots at the car he assumed he killed Tommy. Unaware that he killed Stanomir, one of Jason's guards.

James then goes to Angela's apartment and retrieve a picture of him when they were teenagers, Ghost then apologized to Angela for his actions.

The next day James is taken by gunpoint by Jason's men. Jason demands Ghost to tell him on why he shot Tommy. After Jame's explanation Jason decides to let him live on the conditions of him paying 100k every two weeks or he will kill him. Then Ghost is dealing with his divorce with Tasha, who wants him to pay her or she will snitch on him. At Angela's funeral Ghost learns that Tommy is alive when he attended her funeral. James later asks Jason to let him kill Tommy, however Jason agrees but has to either replace Tommy or find someone else.

Later Jason wants Ghost to bust Alicia Jimenez out of her trial and bring her to him, in exchange he won't ask Ghost for his payment. Ghost agrees and tries to get to Alicia, but was too late when Tommy and his gang got to her first. Afterwards James had no choice but to pay Jason. Meanwhile James works with councilman Tate and a woman name Ramona Garrity on Tate's campaign as governor. James gets to know Ramona by drinking with her at Truth and talk to her about her job.

Before meeting with Proctor James see's Angela's ghost on his bed wearing the red dress she wore when first saw each other again. Angela's illusion confronts him about still being a drug dealer and not finishing his daughter's building. Proctor contacts James to inform him that Maria Suarez(who James let go) is testifying against him and Tommy for killing Miguel Alvarez. Proctor later brings Andre in his office and James attacks Dre. Proctor talks Ghost out of killing Dre, and that he has information about the FBI. Dre reveals that Maria wants Ghost and Tommy to pay for killing her fiancé and that she is willing to testify. Ghost asks Dre why he wants to help him.

Dre reveals that Cooper Saxe has his daughter and wanted him to get information on James. Ghost agrees to help Dre, but warns him that if he crosses him, he will kill him. James demands Dre to give him the address of Maria's location, and make her open the door. At Maria's apartment James busts into her apartment and is about to kill her, unaware that Dre alerted Saxe about Ghost killing her. However James does not kill her and gives her money to leave town. James and Dre leave just in time, when FBI agents show up to Maria's apartment.

In the evening James tells Angela he killed Silver and he is sorry about causing her death. Also he says that he did not kill Maria and that he wants to become a better man, and has to let go of her and his feud with Tommy. Angela is shown to be happy and tells James he will kill Maria. Angela then disappears.

Proctor confronts James about giving Maria money, and not killing her. James informs Proctor that he is still not killing her and that it was Tommy's fault to bring her in the basement of his club with Miguel. Proctor tells James that she still wants to testify against him. James accepts his fate when Maria is going to testify against him.

Later Ghost see's Tariq and Tasha and learns that Tariq is expelled from Choate for selling drugs. Ghost and Tariq argue about being a drug dealer. Tasha tells James to accept Tariq who he is. Later James has dinner with Ramona and asks her why she is working for Tate. Ramona reveals to James after her scandal with her soon to be ex-husband, that Tate still needs her help to win governor. James cuts their dinner short but wants to have dinner with Ramona again.

Later James goes to Maria's place and see's her dead body, and retrieves an envelope. Then he goes to his penthouse and see cop's and FBI agents there. Detective Rodriguez asks James who would want to hurt him. James then gets a call from Tariq and ask Blanca if he can talk to her later. James armed with a gun see's Tommy at an abandoned carnival, and both argue about being set up. Vincent with his men reveals that he lured Tommy and Ghost because Tariq messed up their business and demands both of them to pay him two million dollars in 24 hours or he will kill Tariq.

What James and Tommy do not know is that Tariq planned his kidnapping so that he can get his cut of the two million dollars from Vincent. Tommy and James put aside their differences for now to save Tariq. Before pulling off with Jason's drugs Ghost is pulled over by a police officer and Blanca who inform him on Proctor's death in his penthouse, and that the backdoor was unlocked. James denies any involvement with Proctors death and was with Ramona around the time Proctor was murdered.

Tommy and James with the help of Lakeisha and Tasha sells Jason's products to anybody on the streets, James getting Tate a loan for one million dollars in exchange he gets Dre's daughter out of the foster care system, and made 2 million dollars. James later talks to Benny (Proctors cousin) about his death and that Proctor told him that he and his daughter was hiding from a dangerous client, who he was testifying. Benny tells Ghost that he thanks him for trying to save proctor, and thanks Tariq who brought his niece to him safely.

However Jason learns that Tommy is working with James to sell his product, and confronts both of them at gunpoint with the help of his men. Jason decides not to kill them, but to take one million dollars from them for their payment with him. Afterwards James and Tommy asks Vincent to give them another day to get the one million dollars, Vincent then beats Tariq with a bag of oranges and threats them with his death. Tommy informs Tasha and Lakeisha about Jason find out about them working together and took one million dollars from them. Tasha tells both Ghost and Tommy that she can come up with one million dollars with the help of her connect at her daycare.

After Jason taking half of their money Tommy, Tasha and Ghost planned to robbed rich people who is going to be at Tate's governor event at Truth, and that Benny's connect can turn their stuff into quick cash. Lakeisha questions Ghost, if Vincent is going keep his end of the deal. Tommy then comes up with a plan B , with the help of Big Grim kidnapping Vincent's right hand man Nicola in broad daylight.

At Tate's fun raising event with the help of Dre, 2-Bit, Spanky, Alphonse, Ghost and Tasha manages to get everyone's valuables at the event. When Spanky and 2-Bit leaves, Alphonse stops and asks Ramona about her sex tape and put a gun to her face. James gives his gun to Tate, and distracts Alphonse from Ramona. Alphonse attacks James with his gun, and Tate orders Alphonse to drop his gun. Alphonse tries to shoot Tate, but Tate kills him in self defense. James and Ramona talk after the robbery, and Tasha interrupts them, because James needs to bring Vincent his money.

James and Tommy arrive with the money and Nicola, and Vincent has Tariq along with his guards. Both Tommy give Vincent the money and Nikola. Vincent give James Tariq, then pulls out his gun and informs them that he will kill all three of him. Benny arrives with his men, and demands Vincent not to kill Tariq because he saved his niece, when his cousin was murdered. Also he advised Vincent not to kill them, and go to war against him and his crew.

That is when James learned that Tommy killed Proctor when he saw a guilty expression on Tommy when Benny mentioned Proctor. After James leaves with Tariq, he tells Tasha that Tommy killed Proctor. Also he reveals to her that Tariq helped Tommy when he left the backdoor open on purpose and checked his phone records, that indicates that Tommy was the last person that Tariq called before Proctor was killed. Tasha believes him when Tariq told Blanca about taking the backdoor to the penthouse because he never uses the backdoor.

The next day James confronts Tariq at gunpoint, about the shootout at the penthouse. James warns Tariq about lying to him, and choosing the wrong side. Also Ghost takes Tariq back to the penthouse and makes him to give him the money he made from selling drugs. James and Tasha help Tariq get into another school, but Tariq reveals to James that Lakeisha knows about him stealing from Tommy, and is afraid she will tell him. Later James get Dre's daughter back from the system, and both talk about Maria Suarez and the robbery at Truth.

James later helps save councilman Tate's campaign as governor when he is caught having sex with his co-worker Cassandra, by her husband Derrick who also works for Tate. James and Ramona persuades Cassandra and Derek not to go public with the affair by signing NDA agreements and James giving Derek a new position at the DNC. Ghost see's Lakeisha in the parking garage and asks her to leave NY with her son Cash. Ghost tells Lakeisha that she does not have what it takes to work in the drug business, and offers her money to leave. Jason informs Tommy and Ghost that they will be working with each other in exchange they won't have to pay him every two weeks.

However Jason warns Tommy and Ghost that if one of them kill the other, he will kill that person. James and Ramona later talk about Tate propositioning her to be his wife. Ramona reveals to Ghost that she turned down Tate's offer, and tells Tate that she has feelings for someone else. Before Ramona can tell him, Tommy storms in at Truth, and demands Ramona to leave. James tells her he talk to her later, and is confronted by Tommy for trying to make Lakeisha leave him, and hiring someone to attack her.

Unaware that it was 2-Bit and Spanky hiring a man name Mozzy to scare Lakeisha to leave Tommy. James denies it, but tells Tommy that he tried to get Lakeisha to leave NY. Tommy and Ghost teams up to kill Jason. James later talk to Tariq, and tells him about his project, that includes him. James advised Tariq to leave the drug game alone.

However Tariq, disagrees with Ghost, because of him leaving the streets to be legit. Ramona stops by and meets Tariq and James. Ramona compliments James about his working hard to be legit, and says that Tariq has that in him to. Later James is confronted by Blanca because of Ray Ray's murder again, but James denies to have any involvement. Tariq informs Ghost that Cooper Saxe harassed him at school about him

When James leaves Blanca takes James's glass for DNA. James goes to councilman Tate's first debate, for support, with Derek. When James and Tate talk about the project, Tate does not care about James project and reveals his true colors to him about other people including his opponent. However Tate is exposed when Derek turns on Tate's mic and everyone hears what he had to say about James, his opponent, and people who are white. James and Ramona later talk, and Ramona informs him that because of Tate screwing up his campaign, the DNC is offering him to run a governor. Ramona convinces James to run because he has what it takes and believes in him, and does not have to work with Tate again. However Ramona questions James if she can trust him, when Tate tells her that she doesn't really knows him that well. James assures Ramona that she can trust him to get Tate to cooperate with them. Tate confronts James about sabotaging his campaign and announces that he will not help him finish the Queen's Child Project. After he is elected to be running mate for Lorette Walsh, he begins to become untouchable as he becomes arrogant towards others which causes them to become enemies. His Murders, violence and arrogance will catch up to him when Tariq kills him, however Ghost outsmarts Tasha and Tariq as he leaves them nothing in his will and makes Tariq make sure to finish college so he can earn his inheritance.

Power Book II

Despite being dead, Ghost is the posthumous protagonist of this spin off as his actions affected Tariq

In season 1, 2-Bit makes Tariq pay him as ghost is dead. During the series, Tariq understands why Ghost became who he is and understands his action.

In season 2, when Tariq gets arrested for Jabari and Ramirez's murder, Ghost outsmarts Tariq with a letter saying he belongs in jail.

Murders Committed by Ghost

  • Breeze: Shot in the back of the head in his apartment while watching TV.
  • Miguel Alvarez: Shot in the head.
  • Rolla: Shot three times in the chest.
  • Wendrif "Drifty" Menkins: Shot in the back of the head.
  • Three of Vladimir Jankovic's Henchmen: Shot to death in order to kill Vladimir Jankovic.
  • Vladimir Jankovic: Shot in the head through a glass door.
  • Unnamed Korean Gangster: Shot in the back of the head to prevent him from killing Tommy.
  • Dylan Shin: Shot in the back of the head to prevent him from killing Tommy.
  • Raul: Shot in the head through a car window.
  • Felipe Lobos: Shot to death in the woods.
  • Milan: Shot in the head. (w/ Tommy Egan)
  • Marshal Clyde Williams: Head bashed in with a free weight for his abuse and threatening to sleep with his wife.
  • Uriel Diaz: Shot in the head as revenge for killing Julio.
  • Unnamed Hermanos Tianos Member: Shot in the chest.
  • Jeff Ferguson: Stabbed to death for killing a child.
  • Terry Silver: Strangled to death for sleeping with his wife and for accusing him. Terry also confessed to Tasha about him snitching to the FEDS about Angela telling him where Mike Sandoval was being held the night of his murder and Ghost overheard his confession.
  • Stanomir: Shot to death with an assault rifle.
  • Jason Micic: Strangled to death.

Murders Connected to Ghost

  • Unnamed De Sangre Member: Shot to death in self-defense by Liliana after Ghost and Tommy armed their crew with guns. Ghost later ordered the body to be cut up and sent several different body parts to several different gang leaders to send a message to whoever was attacking their organization.
  • Unnamed Albanian Gangster: Indirectly caused. Murdered by Vladimir Jankovic with a chainsaw after Ghost and Tommy framed the Albanians for foiling a drug shipment of Vladimir’s.
  • Javier Villanueva: Indirectly caused as Ghost let the FBI agents follow him to the hotel for the Lobos meeting, but Ghost didn't meet them and he let Lobos and Tommy get arrested. Javier was armed and was shot dead by the FBI.
  • Uriel Delgado: Indirectly caused. Ghost hired him to kill Lobos and he failed. Murdered in revenge by Lobos’ people for the failed hit.
  • 3 Jamaican Assassins: Indirectly caused. Shot to death in a drive-by by Milan who at the time was hired to protect Ghost.
  • Holly Weaver: Strangled to death by Tommy after finding out she hired the Jamaicans to kill Ghost. Ghost helped dispose of the body.
  • Hugo Sanchez: Arranged with Tommy to trap him after the Lobos murder and Tommy repeatedly shot Sanchez after Sanchez repeatedly insulted Tommy.
  • Carlos "Vibora" Ruiz: Indirectly caused. Ghost and Ruiz conspired to take down Milan. Tommy found out and stabbed Ruiz to death to prevent that.
  • Biscuit: Strangled through a headlock by Tony Teresi and then had his corpse hung by Teresi and Ghost to make it look like a suicide after Ghost killed Marshal Clyde Williams. Teresi and Ghost made it look like Biscuit killed Williams and then killed himself in order to avoid the consequences.
  • Marcus: Indirectly caused as he got shot by Kanan to rob the money he guarded so Ghost can save his son Tariq.
  • LaVerne "Jukebox" Ganner: Shot to death by Kanan to save Tariq. Kanan and Ghost worked together to save Tariq.
  • Mike Sandoval: Neck slashed as a result of Ghost and Tommy contracting Tony Teresi to get him killed in prison.
  • Two Toros Locos Members: Shot to death by Tommy in order to interrogate Uriel.
  • Raymond "Ray Ray" Jones: Shot to death by Tariq St. Patrick for killing Raina St. Patrick. Ghost and Tommy helped dispose of the body.
  • Arturo Magdeleno: Tied up by Dre, Set on fire by Alicia for !ng talk to the feds and accusing Ghost and Tommy when Dre told Diego that he finds out it wasn't Ghost and Tommy got Diego and Alicia.
  • Diego Jimenez's Bodyguard: Shot in the head by Kanan in order to kill Diego Jimenez on Ghost's orders.
  • Diego Jimenez: Shot in the shoulder and then in the head by Kanan on Ghost's orders.
  • Tony Teresi: Shot to death by Tommy Egan for being a snitch. Ghost showed Vincent Ragni proof that Teresi was a snitch and Vincent forced Tommy to kill Teresi.
  • Angela Valdes: Indirectly caused. Shot to death by Tommy Egan by accident. Tommy was trying to kill Ghost as revenge for his father's death but killed Angela by mistake.
  • Maria Suarez: Indirectly caused. Shot in the head by Tommy Egan. Ghost paid Maria to leave, and to not testify against him, but Tommy kills her because she still wants to testify against Ghost and Tommy. Ghost went to her apartment to kill her but he saw that she was already dead, so Ghost grabbed the empty envelope that the money was in that he gave Maria. This also helped cover-up that Maria was bribed from Ghost.
  • Alphonse Clemons: Shot in the chest by Rashad Tate. Ghost handed Rashad the gun used to kill Alphonse.
  • Benny Civello: Indirectly caused. Stabbed to death by Tommy Egan. Benny had come to James about the murder of his cousin Joe Proctor and Ghost told Benny that Tommy was responsible for killing him. Benny confronted Tommy about this only to end up being killed by him.
  • Croop: Shot to death by Tommy Egan. During the shootout Ghost provided covering fire for Tommy and allowed him to get the drop on Croop.
  • Andre Coleman: Set on fire by 2-Bit and Spanky. Ghost hired them to kill Andre.


  • Kill Kanan for killing Shawn (failed/formerly)
  • Become the biggest drug dealer in New York (Succeeded)
  • Kill Milan to protect his family (Succeeded)
  • Avenge Greg Knox murder by having Mike killed as well as for framing him for Knox murder. (Succeeded)
  • Kill Dre for his betrayal (Succeeded)
  • Restore his relationship with Tariq (failed)
  • Kill Tommy for killing Angela (failed/formerly)
  • Stop himself from getting killed by Tariq (Failed)
  • Outsmart anyone in his way (succeeded)
  • Control Tariq (posthumously succeeded/ongoing)


  • He was inspired by his father to own a nightclub.
  • He is the posthumous overarching protagonist of Power Book II: Ghost.
  • Despite being born in 1980, his date of birth stated that he was born in 1974 but was later changed.
  • Despite disowning Shawn, Ghost tried to save him by telling him to leave New York and was deeply upset to learn of his death.
  • In chronologically, he is the second protagonist in the universe but in terms of release, he is the first protagonist.
  • Despite betraying Kanan in the past, he was against killing him but instead set him up to go to prison and was against the idea of framing him for Ray Ray’s murder.
  • It is unknown what happened to his mother or if he has siblings.
  • He and Tommy once had a rap group.
  • Shawn referred to him as Uncle G.
  • James once stated he does not kill law figures, though he breaks his own rule by killing a Prison Marshal and a lawyer.
  • He has cheated on Tasha with two different women - Angela and Linda.
  • Jukebox mentioned that when James was young he always had his head in a book.
  • He left Tasha nothing in his will but he gave the Valdes family and Kate Egan money.
  • He is responsible for killing most of the gang leaders on the show except Carlos Ruiz and André Coleman.
  • James is 5'11" tall and weighs 180lbs.
  • His loft address' was 222 Perry Street, New York 10014.
  • Despite being enemies with Greg Knox, he helped avenge his death.
  • Ghost is the main figure of the Power universe: He appeared as the protagonist of power, he appears in flashback in Power book II: Ghost, he is set to feature in a younger version in Raising Kanan in later seasons and will appear in Power Book IV: Force in a flashback.
  • Ghost and Rashad are the only two protagonists of their show to not kill a member of their family.