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Jason Micic is a major antagonist in the Power universe, serving as one of the two main antagonists alongisde (Felipe Lobos) of Power, and a posthumous antagonist in Power Book IV: Force. He was Serbian drug trafficker based in Chicago. He was the main supplier for the NYC Serbian drug ring led by Milan and later taken over by Tommy Egan.

Jason appeared as the overarching antagonist /anti-villian in season 4, major antagonist in season 5 and one of the two main antagonists (alongside Vincent Ragni) of season 6.

He is the posthumous overarching antagonist of season 1 in Power Book IV: Force.

Jason is portrayed by Mike Dopud.


Season 4[]

Jason is first seen in New Man, he is based in Chicago and Tommy visits Chicago. Jason introduces himself and he soon tells Tommy that he needs to cut all ties with Ghost, but Tommy refuses to kill Ghost. Jason understands and says that he wants to see if Tommy can expand his drug organisation to Los Angeles and run both coasts. Tommy spends the night in Chicago and gets drunk. Jason's actual intention was to kill Tommy for revenge because he was involved in killing Milan.

When Tommy is drunk, Jason's men put him in the boot of a car and drive to a nearby cemetery. Jason questions Tommy about killing Milan but he responds saying that Petar said the hit was cleared. To Tommy's surprise, Jason kills Petar instead of him. All the people at the scene then leave.

Season 5[]

Jason and his men visit Tommy, Kanan and Ghost whilst they discuss the fact that they all recieved La Arana cards. Jason tells Tommy that he told him to stop working with Ghost. He says that the Jimenez took his shipment and now Tommy owes him two million dollars. Jason's men almost kill Tommy, Kanan and Ghost pointing their guns at them, but Tommy promises that they will get through the LA port and, if necessary, kill the Jimenez. He tells Kanan and Ghost that they are now involved too and all three must work together to kill the Jimenez.

Tommy later visits Jason along with Kanan and Ghost to give him the two million dollars owed. He says that they haven't been able to kill the Jimenez yet because they have a lot of heat on them from the police. Jason states that it's good they brought him his money or they would all be dead.

Kanan later visits Jason after killing Diego Jimenez and shows him Diego's head. As that was a favor to him, Kanan says that he wants to take over Tommy's position in his drug organization, and Jason says that he can take over the position but he needs to earns it and prove that he can be trusted.

Season 6[]

After Kanan is killed, Tommy is still the main man in Jason's drug organization. Tommy and Ghost are now at war with each other, and when Jason and his men are in a vehicle with Tommy, Ghost fires shots at the vehicle as revenge for Tommy killing Angela. One of Jason's men named Stanomir is killed, and Jason tells Tommy that he knows it was Ghost. After this incident, Ghost thinks Tommy is dead, and Tommy almost kills Ghost but is kidnapped by Jason's men. When he is brought to Jason, Jason refuses to allow him to kill Ghost now as that would put too much heat on the organization. He says that Tommy can pay him for extra protection but warns him not to be late with any of his business or he will let Ghost kill him. When Ghost later realizes that Tommy is still alive, he visits Jason who tells him that he can kill Tommy but if he does he needs to replace him as his new distributor. Ghost refuses this as he claims he is out of the drug game.

When Tariq is held hostage by Vincent, Tommy takes a lot of product off Jason's hands as he needs to help raise two million dollars to save Tariq. Soon after, Jason takes one million dollars from Ghost and Tommy while they are on the way to give Vincent his money, and he says the two owe him, however Ghost says that they really need the money. Jason understands and states that's why he is only taking half.

in Like Father, Like Son, Ghost tells Jason about Dre being a possible candidate for taking over his drug organization. Jason tells Ghost that if he likes Dre then he can kill Tommy. However his plan fails and Jason demands that Ghost and Tommy work together as they can make more money in peace than in war. He says that if they move his weight together then he will cut the tax, and if either one of them get killed, he will kill the other one. Ghost and Tommy later agree that they need to kill Jason and begin to think of a plan.

Jason meets Ghost at Truth and Ghost proposes that he and him both put in half the money towards buying a building in Queens. Jason says he will look into it. Dre later calls Jason and Jason recognizes him as the person who didn't show up at the meeting with him and James. Dre says that Tommy and his crew are about to be arrested and that he will be losing men and money, and then Jason says that he will be in touch with Dre soon. Ghost and Jason walk into the building together and whilst on the elevator, Tommy texts Jason saying that Ghost is going to kill him. They both attack each other at the same time but Ghost manages to kill Jason strangling him with his own wire. He leaves his dead body on the rooftop of the building and later frames Dre for the murder.

Power Book IV: Force[]

Season 1[]

Jason is posthumously mentioned by Tommy as he meets with Tatiana, he says 'Too bad Jason couldn't be here, could have been a nice reunion', and Tatiana replies saying that he is dead and so is the man who killed him. Mirkovic tries to kill Tommy as revenge for killing Milan and Ghost killing Jason but fails, and they later end up working together against the Flynn's after they make a deal.


  • Kill Diego and Alicia (Succeeded)
  • Spare Tommy and hire him as his distributor (succeeded)
  • Make Ghost suffer (succeeded)
  • Kill Ghost (failed)

Murders committed by Jason[]

Murders connected to Jason[]

  • Diego Jimenez's Bodyguard: Shot in the head by Kanan Stark in order to kill Diego Jimenez. Jason ordered Tommy, Ghost, and Kanan to kill Diego and Alicia Jimenez.
  • Diego Jimenez: Shot in the shoulder and then the head and beheaded by Kanan Stark. Jason ordered Tommy, Ghost, and Kanan to kill Diego and Alicia Jimenez.
  • Stanomir: Shot to death by Ghost with an assault rifle. Jason ordered Stanomir to drive Tommy's car to see if Ghost was there.