John Mak is one of the main characters on Power. He is an Assistant U.S. Attorney who was in charge of leading the prosecution team in the Greg Knox murder case.


Angela spoke to John and told him about a new DA position open in Washington. At first John thought Angela was going to take the position but she instead offered it to him having recommended him but only on the condition that he helps exonerate heard from any trouble she might be receiving. Reluctantly, he complies to her bargain and gets info for her.

In the Season 3 finale, he tells Cooper that Angela didn’t recommend him for the D.A. job but he instead got it anyway and he decides to move on.

During the series finale, John used his new position to pull some strings and got Cooper off the hook and allowed him to get his job back.


  • John always had a long time rivalry with Joe Proctor.
    • It isn’t known how he reacted to Joe’s death.
  • He can be seen as Cooper's only true friend.


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