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Josh Kantos was the manager of James St. Patrick's nightclub, the Truth, until he decided to ally with his enemy Simon Stern to steal the Truth from James and become the owner.

He appeared as a supporting character in season 1, anti-hero turned supporting antagonist in season 2 and a minor antagonist in season 3.

He is portrayed by Adam Huss.


When Simon Stern enters the ball game, he sweeps truth under James, giving Kantos the title James once had. Simon makes a deal with Kantos to create intervals to keep James from reaching his 20 percent of the company.

He appears briefly in episode 9 "I Call the Shots" to blackmail James' of his dark work in exchange for Simon Stern's guest list.

After his new bosses, Andy and Alby are arrested, James speaks to Kantos. After he agrees to have no further issues with James, the latter rehires him and Kantos goes back to working for him though he is not given his old position. It appears that all problems have ended and he is given a better task at the club.


  • Help James with Truth becoming a success (succeeded)
  • Betray James with Simon Stern (Succeeded)
  • Blackmail and take down James (failed)
  • Get revenge on James for firing him (failed)


  • He was the secondary antagonist in the club storyline in season 2, while Stern was the main antagonist.