LaKeisha Grant
[[CFY1n0eUUAAgw p|250px]]
Vital statistics
Portrayed by La La Anthony
Gender Female
First Episode "Not Exactly How We Planned"
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Aliases Keisha
Occupation Hair Stylist
Affiliations Tasha St. Patrick
Relationships Shawn Stark (one-night stand)
Tommy Egan (Boyfriend)
Spouse N/A
Family Cash Grant (Son)

Lakeisha Grant is the second-hand keeper, best friend of Tasha St. Patrick. She gives short, solid advice to Tasha about her relationship time-to-time and claims Tasha is losing Shawn when his eyes are opened about the type of woman she may be by his father. Although LaKeisha has the same built of toothsome and beauty, she is disregarded by most men.


Season OneEdit

She is introduced as the best friend of Tasha, often hanging out with her no matter what. She begins to have a crush on Shawn, wondering how his sexuality may work in bed. She makes it no secret to Tasha, who sometimes ignores her words.

Season TwoEdit

She noticed he has an attraction to Tasha but that doesn't stop her from making advances on him, something the worries Tasha. At one point, Shawn drives her home and they get to know each other, with her trying to get him to forget Tasha by kissing him.

When he visits her apartment, she is skeptical of whether he really wants her but is persuaded by a kiss and they have sex. Afterwards, she reveals to Tasha of the encounter and that he was "good" enjoying the encounter. In later days, she finds out that Tasha was sleeping with him afterwards, but more for relationship goals. However, LaKeisha was envious of the two as Tasha stole something that was hers but accepted it regardless.

She was the fourth person to know Shawn died, after Tasha's phone call. While she is sad, she seemed to have gotten over his death faster than her best friend.

Season ThreeEdit

Followed into Season 3, LaKeisha is shown to be a proprietor of a hair salon in New York. In this salon, she offers Tasha a job there if she needed extra cash. When Holly appears into her salon, knowing she stole Tasha's earrings in the past, LaKeisha becomes vex but calms herself in respect to Tasha's choice.

Keisha went missing in season three finale as she was in her store when Tommy came in and its unknown what he did to her.

Season FourEdit

It is later revealed that Tommy took LaKeisha out of the city to hide her from Milan. Following the crime boss' death, Tommy came back to retrieve her allowing her to reunite with Tasha and let her see Angela for the first time and witness her raid the St. Patrick's apartment while for evidence against James.

Keisha and Tommy soon begin a sexual relationship but decide to keep it hidden from Tasha.

Season FiveEdit

Tommy visits her and apologizes for his leaving of her. He then tells her of his dinner with his father and stepmother, revealing that he told them about her and how she made him happy in their time together.

She is flattered by this and when he tries to leave, Keisha stops him and forgives him before stating she is willing to give him another chance if he keeps it real with her. They kiss and have sex. The next day, she finds him still there and making breakfast for her, albeit cereal but she is touched.