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Lauren Baldwin is a freshman at Stansfield University. She has a passion for racial activism. In season 2, she briefly becomes Tariq's girlfriend.

Lauren appears as one of the tritagonists in season 1, one of the deuteragonists in season 2 and potentially a posthumous overarching protagonist (alongside Zeke Cross) for season 3.


Power Book II: Ghost

Lauren meets Tariq St. Patrick as he wanders around lost amidst the Stansfield campus. She gives him directions and invites him to join Canonical Studies, as there are "like, four" black students attending including herself. At Tariq's questioning on her phrase, she launches into a racial tirade about how one of the black students, Richard, is essentially a race traitor, comparing him to someone who was "dipped in chocolate" but whose inside doesn't match. After they exchange names, she points out the right building to him and then departs.

Later, Lauren texts Tariq and goes out to get coffee with him — professor Milgram asked her to do so, so she could help Tariq with his oral exam. Tariq shrugs it off and insists on his own interpretation of the book used for the oral exam, so Lauren suggests that he be honest about his interpretation. She invites him to dinner at her parents house and when she ask him to help her find a book, they make out until her boyfriend arrives and hides her affair with Tariq. The next day she talks to Tariq and he says he understands until Diana messages Tariq. Lauren appears jealous and ask Tariq who she is and he says he’s keeping his option open and she should do the same. From this, they continue their affair. She later breaks up with Malcom. She and Tariq are about to make out until Effie (Tariq ex-girlfriend) interrupts them. Lauren gets mad and storms off. She is later spotted by 2-bit who ask where Tariq stays at. She tells him where he is before leaving for lunch with her parents. She dies at the end of season 2.


  • Getting more black students into Canonical Studies (succeeded)
  • guide and help tariq at university (succeeded)
  • Be with Tariq (Succeeded)
  • Break up with Malcom (Succeeded)
  • Hide her affair with Tariq from her parents and boyfriend (succeeded)
  • Find out who the campus drug kingpin is (formerly)
  • Do everything she can to not testify against Tariq (succeeded).
  • Escape from Cane and Effie (failed)


  • She is the first girlfriend and love interest of Tariq to die.