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Ignacio "Lil Guap" Guevara Jr. is a former business associate of the Monet and Lorenzo Tejada. He is the leader of the GTG street gang.

Lil Guap serves as a supporting antagonist in season 1 and anti-hero in season 2.

Lil Guap is portrayed by Marcus Anderson Jr.



We don't know much about Lil Guap's past but only that, when he was young, his father died because he took a bullet for Lorenzo Tejada.

Season 1

Lil Guap is first seen on Instagram live flashing money and guns and when Monet hears about this she sends her son Dru to confront Guap but she sends cane to follow close behind to make sure he doesn’t do nothing wrong but when Dru and Guap get into a heated argument cane comes in and shoots the place up. Monet confronts Guap herself and takes him out of her business but then Guap insults Monet and in response cane gives Guap a beating. After cane falls out with Monet he allies himself with Guap and gtg and they rob a church together. Cane and Guap send Barz to kill Tariq but when 2-bit walks in and saves Tariq and kills barz lil Guap goes after Zeke and nearly shoots his kneecap but dru sees this and interferes and beats Guap and nearly kills him, Dru tells cane about this and cane kills 2 of Guap’s henchmen and let’s Guap live. Guap is seen again when Dru confronts cane and asks cane why Guap is still alive and cane said he spared him because he is loyal, Guap walks in with product for him and cane but when cane sees that it’s Monet’s product he questions Guap and he tells cane that Rico gave it to him and that Rico is looking for a new distro when cane realizes that his family is in danger he goes to warn them.

Season 2

He meets up with Cane and Mecca where he is confronted by Ravi and 2 GTG members for betraying them and siding with Cane. Mecca kills the other gtg member and finishes off Ravi even though Guap told him not to.

Murders connected to Lil Guap

  • Barz: Sent by Guap and Cane to kill Tariq but backfired.
  • Two GTG Members: Shot to death by Cane. Lil Guap helped dispose of the bodies.
  • Rico Barnes: Shot to death by Monet for shooting up at her bar. Lil Guap gave him the drop.
  • Ravi: Shot to death by Mecca. Lil Guap and Cane assisted in the shooting.




Season 1 (Power Book II: Ghost)