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Mecca is the secondary antagonist of the Power universe, serving as the unseen overarching antagonist of Power and major antagonist in Power book II: Ghost.

In Power, he was a unseen overarching antagonist of season 1-2.

In Power Book II: Ghost, he served as a mentioned character in season 1, one of the two main antagonists of season 2 and will be the posthumous overarching antagonist of season 3.

He is a calculated, manipulative, and dangerous druglord. Mecca conveniently reemerges in New York at the exact moment the Tejadas need to fill the void of a new product supplier. But when his mysterious past starts to become exposed, it reveals the drug business might not be his only end game with this family.[1]


Although he wasnt seen in the original series, he played a pivotal role as Lobos kidnaps Ghost and Tommy and tells them that someone oversees betrayed him and snitched on him which causes his arrest in season 2. Mecca was revealed to be the informant in season 2 of Power Book II: Ghost.

Mecca was portrayed by Daniel Sunjata.

Murders committed by Mecca

  • Lio: Shot to death for trying to kill him, Cane and Lil Guap.
  • Javi: Shot to death for trying to kill him, Cane and Lil Guap.
  • Eric Kamura: Throat slit for believing that he was the mole.
  • 2 GTG Members: Shot to death for robbing him.

Murders connected to Mecca

  • Felipe Lobos: Sold Lobos to Jail until he got shot and killed by Ghost with Tommy.
  • GTG Member: let cane prove himself by killing the GTG member.
  • Mahoney: ordered Cane to kill him to help raise money for Zeke.
  • Nuff: ordered the chef to kill him for putting hands on Tariq.




  • Worked with law enforcement to put away Felipe Lobos
  • Had prior knowledge of Ghost and Tommy
  • Knows Tariq killed his father
  • Global snitch, sent out of the country for protection


Season 2 (Power Book II: Ghost)

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