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Monet Stewart Tejada is the mother of Cane and Dru and Diana Tejada, the Aunt of Ezekiel Cross, and the wife of Lorenzo Tejada. She is also the current runner of the Tejada Drug Organization while Lorenzo is inside of prison for 25 Years, 10 Years have currently passed.

She appears as one of the deuteragonists in season 1-2.


Season 1

Monet Stewart Tejada is a mother who is taking care of her three kids, and her nephew Monet is the current runner of the Tejada organization while her husband Lorenzo Tejada is inside for 25 Years. She is also trying to teach her kids how to run in the drug game especially her daughter Diana Tejada. But, she needs protection out in the streets so she had an inside dirty NYPD cop known as Officer Ramirez. Her eldest son Cane Tejada becomes problem after she hooks up with Tariq St. Patrick since he is jealous of his intelligence. Monet at first does not have any trust into Tariq, but overtime, he sees how loyal he is to her and the Tejadas. Though because of her own teachings on Cane, it leaves her no choice but to kick him out.

Murders committed by Monet

Murders connected to Monet

  • Rel: She wiped the blood off Cane's face and took the gun away from him after he killed Rel.
  • Uncle Frank: Ordered Cane to kill Frank for being a snitch.
  • Rico’s bodyguard: helped dispose his body after being killed by Owl.


  • To become a Queenpin (Ongoing)
  • Hide her affair with Ramirez (Succeeded;After he died Lorenzo was unaware that he had an affair with his wife)
  • Stay protected on the streets (Ongoing)
  • Control Tariq (Ongoing/Succeeded)
  • Avenge Dru’s near-death (Succeeded)
  • Teach Diana the Drug Game (Ongoing)
  • Save Tariq from Tommy (Succeeded)
  • Kill Tommy for killing Owl (Formerly)



Season 1 (Power Book II: Ghost)

Season 2 (Power Book II: Ghost)