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Nicole Bingham was a recurring character on the Starz original crime drama Power Book III: Raising Kanan. She was portrayed by Annabelle Zasowski.

Nicole was a rich Upper East Side prep school student who catches Jukebox's eye at a choir competition, sparking a romance that blossoms despite the girls' wildly different backgrounds.


Nicole one day ran into Jukebox at her school after recognizing her from a choir competition. They then decide to go to a park where they catch up and eventually start developing feelings for one another forming a relationship. Their relationship seems to be perfect until Nicole's mom catches her and Laverne expelling Laverne from Nicole's life claiming Laverne was taking advantage of her. Both are devastated, but still decide to see each other behind their parents' backs. When prom comes, Nicole's mom decides to set up a boy for Nicole to go out with. One day, when preparing to go to prom with each other, they meet up in a park where Laverne offers to get a pretzel for her. Without Laverne watching, Nicole steals Kanan's batch of drugs before Laverne comes back with the preztel with both of them agreeing to meet up at the dance. Conspiring to have sneak out of prom to meet up with her girlfriend as her mom has assigned her prom date, she smokes the batch of drugs that she stole from Laverne without realizing that the drugs are lethal due to Kanan's mistake. Taking the drugs she falls dead on the ground with her mother's demands to open up the door while Laverne who has been waiting for her at the prom without being aware of her death.


  • Be with LaVerne (failed)


  • Indirectly, she is one of the first people Kanan killed.


Season 1