Nomar Arcielo was a criminal informant and an undercover ally of Ruiz's gang.


Nomar was one Ruiz's men, he was a lower ranking member who aimed for the top. While with his boss, he became interested in Ruiz's 14-year old daughter, Isabella and began a relationship with her but hid it as he knew her father would kill him.

One day, he was brought in for questioning by FBI agent Greg Knox and Prosecutor Angela Valdes, though he refused to follow their demands as he was loyal to Ruiz. However, Angela took his phone which revealed Ruiz's daughter sending him some incriminating photos and threaten to send them to his boss if he didn't follow their orders as he resigns to their will. It is later revealed that Angela took the photos off the internet and used a random one to blackmail Nomar.

As he started spying on his own gang for information, he continued his secret relationship with Isabella Ruiz. When Nomar sends a picture of his penis to her, Ruiz simultaneously snatches the phone from her and sends her to do chores. Ruiz then looks at the phone and is shocked by the message and makes a deal with Tommy Egan to murder Nomar in exchange for free firearm shipment. Nomar gets a message from Isabella's phone to see him olast time. Although Angela warned him to stay low and wait in the house for escorts to leave the state, he disobeys and leaves instead. He then gets a blatant message and flees believing his cover has been blown. He tries to return home quickly but is then surprised by Tommy Egan. Tommy stabs him multiple times and leaves the scene after Angela arrives.

In his last breath, he states Ghost kills him.

At his funeral, Ruiz and his daughter attend as Ruiz tells Nomar's mother that he wishes to pay his "respect". Once she looks away, Ruiz tells him to suffer in the afterlife for what he did to his daughter.

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