Paz Valdes is Angela Valdes' sister.


Season 6Edit

When Angela was brought to the hospital after being shot in the chest by Tommy Egan, Paz was informed and she rushed to the hospital. She was the only one allowed to see Angela, who was soon pronounced death. A distraught Paz came across James St. Patrick in the waiting area and called him a murderer for killing his sister, believing he had been the one to shoot her. She broke down in his arms as he tried to tell her the truth.

As she was mourning over Angela's body, Cooper Saxe came in to request consent for an autopsy. He stated it would provide them with crucial evidence they would need to hold James accountable, but Paz refused to let them mutilate her sister's body after the entire office had turned their backs on her. Later, James came to see Paz at her apartment to swear he hadn't done it and offered to cover the funeral expenses, knowing she would have a hard time doing so. Furious over his audacity, Paz refused his offer and then went to the morgue, where she consented to the autopsy in order to bring James down.


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