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Poncho was a member of the Soldado Nation. He was the second in command for Carlos Ruiz when he was its leader.

He was a central character in season 1-5 and a minor antagonist in season 6.


Poncho was the right-hand of Ruiz and was often seen by his boss' side.

Season Three

Poncho became the leader of the Soldado Nation when Ruiz left New York and started to serve him.

When Ruiz came back he resumed command of the gang. When Ruiz is killed by Tommy Egan, Poncho takes over the gang again. He worked for Tommy but left and then worked for Dre Coleman and Diego Martinez. He returned to working for Tommy in the season 5 finale. However, things got heated between them soon when Tommy had difficulties with the product shipment.

Season Six

Poncho and Tommy got into an argument that ended when Tommy shot Poncho in cold blood to set an example of what standing up to him will do.

In Still DRE, to save himself from his third strike, Spanky dropped the dime on Tommy by revealing Poncho's death. When contacted by 2-Bit, Tommy brought up how Poncho's death was just dropped and accused one of his crew to be a snitch. 2-Bit was shocked by this and Tommy hung up. At the end, 2-Bit saw Spanky was released and realized he was the snitch, since he was the only one who knew.

Tommy later tracked Spanky and killed him for ratting him out.