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"What's your secret? No details, just your philosophy."
"There is no secret, just me."
"I don't follow."
"Well, I'm a black man from the hood. Most of the guys I came up with are either dead or in jail. I live in the penthouse of my building, above the lawyers and doctors trying to get into my club. See… people take you at face value, Simon. Me? Well, I have to transform to meet everyone's expectations, constantly...
Simon Stern and James St. Patrick[src]

Power is an American crime drama television series created by Courtney Kemp and is produced by rapper Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson. The series premiered on June 7, 2014.


Official synopsis from Starz
James "Ghost" St. Patrick, a wealthy New York City nightclub owner who caters to the city's elite. He wants to build an empire, turn the club into a Fortune 500 business, but there's just one problem: Ghost is living a double life. When he is not in the club, he is the kingpin of the most lucrative drug network in New York for a very high-level clientele. His marriage, family and business all become unknowingly threatened as he is tempted to leave his criminal life behind and become the rags-to-riches businessman he wants to be most of all.




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