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This page is about the second spin-off of Power. If you're looking for the character, see Kanan Stark.
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Power Book III: Raising Kanan is the third series in the Power universe and a spin-off of the American crime drama Power. The series is executive produced by Kemp through her company End of Episode and Jackson through his G-Unit Film and Television. Sascha Penn serves as showrunner and executive producer.[1] It is a prequel series centered around Kanan Stark.[2]

Season 1 premiered on July 18, 2021.

Raising Kanan was renewed for a second season on July 12, 2021, 6 days before the series premiere.[3]


Smart, driven and still naïve, Kanan’s world revolves around his mother, Raq (Miller), who raised him by herself. She is his everything. At the same time, he is beginning to get a sense of not only the world around him but his place in said world. Kanan wants to be just like his mother — and that’s the problem. He’s young and wide-eyed and doesn’t know how the hustle works. And even more important, his mother is not nearly as keen as he is for him to follow in her footsteps. There is a complicated relationship that only gets more problematic as time goes on.


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  • On March 14, 2020, production for both Power Book II: Ghost and Power Book III: Raising Kanan were temporarily shut down due to Coronavirus concerns.[9]