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Quinton "Q" Wallace is a new love interest for Tasha St. Patrick and a rival for James St. Patrick in season 6.


Season 6

He had a daughter, who he enrolled in the daycare where he took an interest in Tasha, which was reciprocated. Very soon, he met her ex and things didn't sit well with either.

Quinton soon noticed her bruise and wanted to confront her husband but she stopped him and they soon kissed.

Tasha and Quinton soon pursued a relationship and had sex, as she was amazed by his kind side to his daughter. Soon, Tasha told him of her husband going to jail for a crime. However when this failed, she had him take her to see James under the guise of getting him to the sign the divorce papers. Tasha had him park around the corner of the club to see James. While Tasha was away, he went for a drink at a local diner and stayed for a while until he returned to his car and heard shots. A frantic Tasha ran back, while telling Q of how she found her husband dead.

Tasha later implicated Q for the murder with an anonymous tip, while distracting him with sex. After the encounter, the police broke in with a warrant and arrested the surprised Q who locked eyes with Tasha and realized she set him up. Q begged her to explain while the guilty Tasha couldn't speak and watched him be taken away.

Off-screen, Q was questioned but stated he had an alibi to prove he was innocent by mentioning the diner and how Tasha asked for a ride, revealing her guilt. Presumably, Q was released after Tasha was arrested for the crime.


  • Despite being on parole, he owned a gun.
  • Tasha framing him, was similar to her killing LaKeisha, as she nearly left their child orphaned.
  • He is the only one of Tasha's lovers who wasn't killed.