The Ragni Crime Family is a notorious and powerful Italian-American Mafia family based in NY. They are led by Don Vincent Ragni and are most prominent in the Season 5 and Season 6.


The boss of the Ragni Family, Don Vincent Ragni originally was the son of a mobster from the Italian mafia (and possibly the original head of the Ragni family). It unknown when he was made a made man in the mob.

The Ragni family is a successor to the Mosconi Crime Family but it is unknown when the Ragni Family was formed but it is around 25 years before season 4. When Teresi was arrested with most of the family and everybody started to talk to the police cut deals except Tony Teresi (a capo of Mosconi Crime Family)

Season 5Edit

After Tony is freed, Vincent Ragni celebrates his return but privately talks about how suspicious he is of Tony with one of his men.

James St. Patrick comes to visit, the mobster questions his arrival, while revealing he knows he is Ghost. James shows pictures of Teresi interacting with the feds. He says for this reason and the latter has to get Tommy Egan to do the deed, explaining it will gain Vincent's respect of the old time mafioso up until he finds out that he is a rat.

Vincent subsequently called Tommy and informed of his father's transgression. He explained that this will clear his name in the gang.

Season 6Edit

Later on, Tommy and James meet Vincent at the pier and shows them Tariq St. Patrick and they pay him his money while handing over one of his goons. Vincent is pleased with the reward and has Tariq head over before he has his men aim guns at them, revealing his duplicity to Tariq. Vincent taunts them however, James is not fazed and reveals his trump card, it's Benny Civello (Joe Proctor's cousin) who is revealed to know Vincent. Seeing him, Vincent asks Benny why he is there and Benny tells him he owed Tariq because he brought his niece to him after his cousin was killed. Benny threatens war on Vincent if he doesn't back off. Begrudgingly, Vincent falls backs and takes his money while leaving.

After Benny Civello went missing Vincent Ragni ordered Dominic and another henchmen to stand guard at Benny’s house to keep his niece and sister safe. Tommy Egan showed up at the house to steal a recording Benny’s family had with evidence against him. Tommy snuck up on the first guard and took him hostage at gunpoint. Tommy ordered the guard to call out for Dominic. The guard warned Dominic in Italian before Tommy threatened him and he called out for him in English. Dominic heard the warning and sent a text calling for backup. Dominic saw the first guard being held at gunpoint and Tommy forced Dominic to disarm himself. After Dominic put his gun down Tommy shot and killed both of them.

Soon Vincent is visited by Ghost who slams him to a wall and disarms him. Nervously, Vincent congratulates him on his lieutenant governor position, hoping they are on good terms. Ghost states he is still upset about what Vincent tried to do but is willing to forgive it, in exchange for a favor. Vincent asks why he should help and Ghost tells him it will do good to have an ally like him once elected. Seeing his point, Vincent agrees.

Vincent was called by Tariq about Tommy's location and he boxed him in with his gang. However, Tommy kills Vincent's men before he proceeds to beat the mobster with his gun several times. Tommy tells Vincent this was for his father, before killing him by pistol-whipping him to death.

Known MembersEdit

  • Vincent Ragni's father (possible founder and original head of Ragni crime family, deceased)
  • Vincent Ragni (Don and the head/boss of Ragni crime family, deceased)
  • Dominic (Ragni's enforcer and henchmen, deceased)
  • Sammy (Ragni's hitman, deceased)
  • Nicola (Ragni's associate, deceased)


Season 5Edit

Season 6Edit


  • The actor who plays Vincent Ragni, Joseph "Joe" Perrino is known for his role as Jason Gervasi (a mobster and member of Dimeo crime family) in the famous HBO series The Sopranos.
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