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Raina St. Patrick was the daughter of James and Tasha St. Patrick and the twin sister of Tariq St. Patrick.

Raina appeared as a central character from season 1-3 and one of the protagonists and a deuteragonist to Tariq in season 4 and a posthumous protagonist in season 5-6. She serves as one of the posthumous overarching protagonists of Power Book II: Ghost alongside (James St. Patrick ).

Season 4

Raina was in class when an officer named Ray Ray, dressed in his police uniform, also stops by the St. Patrick siblings’ school and asks Raina where her (absent) brother is.

Later that night, Riq confesses to his sister who Ray Ray really is, then swears her to secrecy. She promises not to tell. Later in the hour, both kids go to a dance at school. And when Tariq gets a text from Destiny, the girl he’s been messing around with, who happens to be Ray Ray’s cousin, but it’s really Ray Ray who’s waiting outside for him with a gun. While Ray Ray is searching for Riq who is hiding, Raina comes out looking for him but she finds the crooked cop and confronts him saying, “I know who you are, Ray Ray. You need to leave my brother alone, my dad's going to kill you” she says. Annoyed by her audacity, Ray Ray shoots her in the chest. Tariq sees the shooting, and as Ray Ray flees, ‘Riq goes to his sister’s side and stares, open-mouthed, at her lifeless body.

Tariq, his parents, and Tommy all vow revenge on her killer. However, it is Tariq who finds Ray Ray first and confronts him over killing his sister. Ray Ray insults him but compliments his late sister's boldness before Tariq shoots him, killing him and avenging Raina.


  • Protect Tariq from getting killed (succeeded)
  • Prevent herself from getting killed (failed)


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Season 4

Power Book II: Ghost

  • A Fair Fight