Rashad Tate is a dirty councilman and racing to become the new governor. Tate is also a former police officer.

He is portrayed by Larenz Tate.


Season 4Edit

Rashad Tate is seen in James St. Patrick's nightclub Truth, Ghost is warned not to trust Tate as he knew how much of a dirty man Tate was but Ghost started to work with him anyway.

Rashad, Ghost and Dre meet up in Queens, New York where Ghost and Dre both grew up in and the 3 take a press conference around Queens.

When Raina St. Patrick is murdered by Ray Ray, Tate warns Ghost not to get revenge and let the police take care of the situation, as he wanted to use Ghost for another press conference.

Season 5Edit

Tate becomes a main antagonist in Ghost's storylines, he uses Ghost for more press conferences, like made Raina's funeral a public funeral, making Ghost and Tasha St. Patrick talk about their feelings for Raina's death, but Tate is really using Ghost just to get more hypes to elect him for being the governor of New York.

Tate forms an alliance with Dre and makes him his main man instead of Ghost. Tate informs Ghost that he is cutting him out of the Queen's Child Project, and his campaign for governor. However Ghost blackmails Tate into keeping him on the Queens Child Project and his campaign, when he plays a recording of his associate Alphonse confessing to Rashad stealing money from the Queen's Child Project.

Season 6Edit

In Inside Man, Tate thanks James for returning his money after he got a call. During a fundraiser, he goes through business with potential investors before the place is held up by robbers. He appears to recognize one of the men, as the others proceed to rob the guests. As the guests are robbed, he finally remembers the robber and identifies him as Alphonse, while telling James this. As the chaos goes on, James slips him a gun while Alphonse threatens Ramona. After James is knocked down by him, Tate has him stop by pointing a gun and reveals the robber's name as Alphonse. They stare each other down, with Alphonse trying to shoot first but Tate shot him dead. Tate is held as a hero by the guests, as James thanks him for his acts.

Afterwards, a news crew arrive and Tate talks with them about his actions. Ramona notes to James that Tate will be getting mass publicity with his recent heroics.

Murders Committed by Rashad Edit


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