Raul was a henchman of notorious drug kingpin Felipe Lobos.

Biography Edit

Raul and another Lobos henchman named Mo meet Hugo Sanchez and Tommy Egan at an abandoned building to discuss the plan to free Felipe Lobos from his prison convoy. Hugo supplies them with guns and tells them where to attack the convoy.

On the day of the attack Tommy, Mo and Raul put the plan into motion. Tommy puts spikes on the road to stop the prison van. Raul and Mo then each park their cars on both sides of the road to attack the convoy. Raul kills two FBI agents guarding Lobos while Mo only kills one before he is shot dead by FBI agent Greg Knox. Knox is then shot twice in the chest by Tommy and is incapacitated. He survives thanks to his bulletproof vest. Tommy then cuts off Lobos' restraints and ankle monitor using bolt cutters. Tommy, Raul, and Lobos then flee the scene.

Tommy drives them to a secluded bridge and parks under it. This confuses and annoys Raul. Raul says this is not part of the plan. He attempts to call Hugo but is shot in the head through the car window by Ghost who appears before he can call Hugo. Lobos is then kidnapped and killed by Ghost.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite his name never being mentioned on-screen Raul's actor is credited as Raul in the episode. The same goes for Mo.
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