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Reaping and Sowing is the second episode of the first season of the Starz original crime drama Power Book III: Raising Kanan.[1]


After a rival crew member is killed, Raq does whatever is necessary to get the target off Kanan’s back.


Following the driveby shooting that almost took out Kanan and possibly his mother, Raquel is understandably scared for her son. On the other hand, Kanan is still hyped since he is officially a part of the family business.

Raq wants Kanan to keep his head on a swivel as he heads back to school following the incident that almost took his life. Kanan doesn’t want his mother to worry, but she definitely knows better and warns him that Buck’s people are out for revenge, and he should always be scared that something could happen. Kanan heads out, and before he can leave his block, Raq notices a car pulling rather quickly with a individual hanging out of the backseat of the vehicle. She yells out to her son only to see the man toss a phone book out of the car. She then decides that she will drive Kanan to school herself just to be safe.

At school, Kanan and his crew are greeted by a fight going on. Davina is currently scrapping with another girl over Buck Twenty. The two young ladies are fighting over the now-deceased hustler, with Davina beating the brakes off the girl for saying she was with him before he was killed, which didn’t sit right with Davina.

Raq meets up with her brothers and Lou-Lou and Marvin to discuss how they will move going forward. Marvin is not feeling the fact Unique has their blocks and pressure on them after the death of Buck Twenty, leaving Kanan to be a target. Raq tells his brother that’s why she made a move in the first place and says she would do it again, and Lou-Lou agrees with her, saying she made the right decision.

Raq tells Marvin she wants him to pick up Kanan from school to work at the stash house, where he will post up for a while. They also discuss the need for another legit business location to serve as a front for them to hide their narcotics dealing.

Back at school, Kanan spots Davina waiting in the principal’s office. Not knowing he’s responsible for her boyfriend’s death, Kanan says he is sorry about Buck Twenty. The conversation between the two teens is interrupted when Davina’s mother highly upset that she was dragged away from whatever she was doing to talk to the principal.

Raq meets Unique to talk about the developing situation and tells him that there is still way too much chatter about Buck Twenty’s death and feels it will eventually result in some action. It doesn’t help that D-Wiz is out here talking about it either. Unique tells Raq that he called off his hitters, but he can’t be held responsible for the people close to Buck Twenty who are out seeking revenge for Buck’s death. Before the meeting ends, Unique tells Raq the only way she can ensure the bullseye on Kanan goes away is to supply the streets with a body.

Following the failed driveby,  Det. Malcolm Howard has been on the case. While his partner wants to do everything by the books, Howard has a different way of approaching things regarding matters of the hood. Detective Howard decides to head to the tailor to have a conversation with Unique about the recent events. He makes him an offer. If he can ensure there will be no more bodies (specifically young Black kids), he will make sure that Raq is taken care of so that Unique will be the biggest drug dealer in Queens.

Kanan, Jukebox, Famous, and D-Wiz are leaving school for the day. Marvin pulls up to pick up Kanan during their walk and take him to his first job. Marvin asks his daughter if she needs a ride, and she says she is good. Jukebox has a side hustle, selling boosted Polo gear to help pay for studio time to get her singing career off the ground. She is also secretly meeting with Nicole Bingham that she seems to like. The two girls even kiss when Jukebox finally admits she likes her.

Raquel and Lou-Lou are checking out the store that could be a potential spot for them to set up shop. Before they go inside, they bump into Famous and D-Wiz. Raq asks D-Wiz how he is doing and reveals his brother is home from jail. Immediately when Raq and Lou Lou walk inside the store, they notice the bodega owner’s wife has an awful bruise around her eye, a clear sign that her husband is abusing her, and that Raq takes notice and logs that into the back of her mind for future reference. While inspecting the place, Raq explains to Gabriel, the store owner the improvements needed and foot the bill for it. Gabriel tries to negotiate a cut out the potential drug money that will be flowing out of his store, but Lou Lou and Raq shut that all the way down, telling him that unless he hits the corner, he’s not getting any of that money and to take the deal as it stands. The owner agrees to take the deal.

Kanan and Marvin pull up the stash house, and he is not impressed with his first job opportunity. Once inside the rundown house, Marvin basically lies to Kanan, telling him he’s like a dragon guarding the family’s wealth. Kanan knows that this is straight-up bull, you know what. Raq asks her son how his day went, and he tells her it was boring and he wants to get on the corner. Raq tells him he needs to chill. She then inquires if D-Wiz’s brother was the one who got them the guns to take out Buck Twenty, Kanan doesn’t outright say yes but says his crew is holding him down.

After talking with Unique, Kanan, and D-Wiz, Raq decides to give the streets the body they need to take the heat off their son, and it’s going to be D-Wiz. She instructs Lou Lou to “get his Reggie Jackson on” code for taking out someone and to use Marvin’s party to do so.

Raq is getting ready for a hot date with Symphony. Before she heads out, she suggests to Kanan that she and D-Wiz should hang out and watch a tape she rented for them. Kanan has no idea that he will be a part of the plot to set up his own friend.

Lou Lou scoops up D-Wiz on his way to Kanan’s house, and he tells him he will have a night he would never forget. They finally get to Marvin’s party, and Lou Lou pays for a woman to take D-Wiz in the bathroom for some action. Outside of the club, Marvin gets into a fight with a group of white men on the line who disrespects Toni Deep. Meanwhile, Raquel and Symphony have sex while Kanan waits for D-Wiz, who will never show up and won’t because Uncle Lou Lou kills him.

Marvin gets taken to jail for his participation in the fight while a crying and disgusted Uncle Lou Lou pulls and later calls Raq to tell her he hit a “home run,” confirming he did what was needed to be done. That leaves Kanan in his room alone with his thoughts staring up at the ceiling, having no idea he’s down one crew member.



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  • The episode scored 0.392 million viewers.
  • We can read in this episode that Buck Twenty took place on March 15, 1991. We now know that the show happened in March 1991.
  • Mandela Van Peebles appears in this episode as "Wannabe Hustler". He is Mario Van Peebles's son, the director of this episode.
  • Raquel buys a movie named "New Jack City" for Kanan and D-Wiz to watch. This 1991 movie was directed by Mario Van Peebles, who's also the director of this episode.


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