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Riley Saxe-Merchant is Cooper Saxe's niece. She first appears with the cops after she was busted for possession of marijuana. Rather than telling her parents, Saxe had her track down Tariq to help his murder case. She then met Brayden and the two dated until Brayden broke-up with her for lying to him and drugging his bestfriend.

She serves as one of the two tertiary antagonists in season 1.


  • Escape her drug possession charge (succeeded)
  • Date Brayden (succeeded)
  • Spike Brayden's drink (Tariq ended up being drugged instead)
  • Prevent herself and Saxe from getting exposed (failed)
  • Steal Tariq's phone (succeded)
  • Turn Brayden against Tariq (failed)


  • It is unknown if Riley attends Stansfield University
  • Because Riley had spiked Tariq's drink, she was responsible for her uncle being forced to resign.


Season 1 (Power Book II: Ghost)