Scotty was a gangster that worked for Kanan Stark.

Biography Edit

Season 4 Edit

Scotty joined a crew formed by Kanan some time after Kanan kidnapped Tariq St. Patrick and killed his cousin Jukebox. Scotty attended a meeting with the crew where Kanan told everyone Andre Coleman was their target and that they were going to take his position in the drug organization. During the meeting Scotty mentions Ghost's daughter Raina St. Patrick being killed while on the internet.

Season 5 Edit

Scotty along with Trigger and two Italian gangsters named Carmine and Marco attempt to kidnap Dre while he is at an event but he gets away after he gets a text warning him of danger from Tariq. Scotty and Trigger meet up with Kanan and Kanan tells them they are going to take over Tommy Egan's organization instead of Dre's. Kanan later tasks Scotty and Trigger to attack Tommy while he is meeting with Vincent Ragni and his crew in order to get them to stop doing business with Tommy. Kanan orders them to used blanks as he wants no one to get hurt. Trigger is upset with the plan to use blanks but agrees to go with the plan after Kanan threatens to find someone else to do the plan. On the night of the attack Trigger refuses to use blanks and loads his gun with real bullets. Trigger forces Scotty to do the same. Scotty and Trigger start firing and wound Vincent and Nicola. Kanan is there and sees that they are using real bullets. Kanan drives up to their car and starts firing his gun at them. Kanan shots and kills the both of them.

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