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Simon Stern is an antagonist and rival of James St. Patrick. He is a nightclub manager and attempts to steal Truth from under Ghost.

Simon was a supporting antagonist in season 1-4 and a supporting character in season 5-6.

He returns in Power Book II: Ghost as a minor character in season 1-2.

He is portrayed by Victor Garber.



Simon and his ex-wife Madeline had a daughter named Ravenna at some unknown point in time prior to the events of the show but she died ten days after her birth of unspecified causes.

However, Ghost finds about Simon's offshore accounts and tells his soon-to-be divorce wife. Doing this, he knew she would used these accounts against Simon to dry him of cash. Being grateful for the information, she gave James' back his nightclub and two other clubs in Stern's portfolio (making three clubs under James' name).



  • He is bisexual.
  • He is one of the few antagonists who redeems themselves.