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Spottswood "Spanky" Richards was a member of Dre Coleman's organization and is a very good friend to him along with 2-Bit.

He appeared as a central character in season 3-4, anti-hero in season 5 and a supporting protagonist turned minor antagonist in season 6.

He appeared in a flashback in season 1 of Power Book IV: Force.


Season 3

Spanky is seen with 2-Bit when Dre meets up with them, Spanky is not seen in the gang until Dre is now working for Ghost in his nightclub Truth.

When Dre, Ghost and Tommy Egan plan to take Milan down, Spanky, 2-Bit and all of Dre's associates plan to clear all of his men out Ghost's nightclub.

Season 4

Spanky along with 2-Bit work for Tommy, but when Truth is shut down by court order while Dre is still managing it with Ghost in prison, him and 2-Bit find ways to help Dre keep the business going.

When Tommy loses control against the Jimenez Cartel, Spanky along with the others take Dre's lead to help him with the drug business and help out the Jimenez Cartel.

Season 5

Spanky is seen driving with 2-Bit drives to Lorenzo Salazar and 2-Bit kills him in a drive by shooting, Spanky along with Dre and 2-Bit doesn't like how they hear Spanish all the time as they don't know the language. When they all meet Arturo Magdeleno, he claims that he was the one who murdered Lorenzo for allegedly killing his cousin Uriel Diaz, but 2-Bit doesn't like him taking the credit but Spanky advises him to let him take the credit.

Season 6

When Tommy brings LaKeisha to his warehouse, Spanky admires her beauty.

In Inside Man, he and 2-Bit take part in robbing the fundraiser to get money. From the theft, they gather up a large sum in the process.

During Still DRE, he is annoyed by Tommy supposedly snitching. However, 2-Bit makes him realize it wasn't Tommy but Dre since he was the only other person there. Very soon, he is interviewed by Blanca about giving up Tommy. Although he refuses at first, she pressures him because Spanky is on his third strike. He then tells them about Poncho's death. When they are about to be transferred, they are amused to learn the other's real name. They wonder why they were transferred until given a burner phone and being contacted by Ghost who offers money if the two kill Dre. The pair wonder how to get Dre before they notice Dre after his arrest and want to make a move but can't as he is soon interviewed and released for giving up someone. They try to reach Tommy who refused out of mistrust. However they were able to convince him otherwise by bringing up how BG was killed by Dre something to Tommy didn’t know.

When in the cafeteria, they try to make a move but Dre intentionally starts a fight to be thrown in solitary after seeing 2-Bit and Spanky. The pair then bribed guards and confront Dre, with Spanky taking the time to taunt him, despite him telling them Ghost was killed. The two throw gasoline covered towels in the block with Dre and set him aflame. The satisfied Spanky and 2-Bit then leave the scene. Afterwards, Spanky is processed out for his cooperation. He is subsequently released and meets with Blanca and states he has no knowledge on Dre's death or why he got transferred anyway. He agrees to help testify against Tommy who he hopes doesn't find out, unaware of that he has already found out because of 2-Bit notifying him.

During It's All Your Fault, Spanky is coming out of a store with snacks before he is met by Tommy. They talk with a nervous Spanky stating he had no idea if Tommy snitched and that 2-Bit sent the gangster who LaKeisha killed. Spanky is then told Tommy is heading out for a fresh start and he asks where, with Tommy stating if he told him "I'd have to kill you". Tommy then tells him California and shoots Spanky in the eye, killing him instantly.

Power Book II: Ghost

Spanky does not appear in the series; mentioned by 2-Bit, but 2-Bit goes to his mother about the death of Spanky and also his best friend since day one.

Power Book IV: Force

Spanky does not appear in the series; though he is seen in a flashback of Tommy's before he heads to Chicago.

Murders connected to Spanky

  • Milan: Andre Coleman brought in Spanky along with 2-Bit and the rest of his crew into Truth to hold the rest of Serbians hostage, on Ghost's orders. Everyone, including the Serbians, was in on the plan to plot against Milan. Ghost and Tommy later shot Milan in the head.
  • Lorenzo Salazar: Shot to death by 2-Bit. Spanky drove the car they were in. Spanky drove up to Lorenzo to allow 2-Bit to shoot him and then drove away to flee the scene.
  • Poncho: Shot in the head by Tommy Egan. Spanky helped dispose of the body.
  • Alicia Jimenez: Shot to death by Jason Micic. Spanky helped break her out of federal custody and delivered her to Jason.
  • Mozzy: Indirectly caused. Shot to death by LaKeisha Grant. 2-Bit and Spanky sent Mozzy to scare LaKeisha but he got killed after LaKeisha pulled out a gun.
  • Andre Coleman: Set on fire by 2-Bit for his numerous betrayals. Spanky put gasoline-soaked towels in Dre's cell and sprayed him with accelerant. 2-Bit then dropped a lighter in the cell which incinerated Dre and Spanky covered the bottom of the door with towels to delay the murder being noticed.


  • Assist Dre and 2-Bit in their drug empire (formerly)
  • Kill Ghost (formerly)
  • Kill Dre (Succeeded)
  • Snitch on Tommy and 2-Bit (succeeded)


  • Spanky says he was named after a judge. Though not named the judge he is referring to is presumably Spottswood William Robinson III.
  • As mentioned by Blanca Rodriguez, he had two felonies of assault and larceny.
  • Despite killing Dre for snitching, he himself was killed by Tommy for doing so.
  • He was the last person to be killed by Tommy before he moved to Chicago.
  • Despite being an ally to Tommy throughout season 6, he became antagonist in season 6 episode 11 and 13 when he snitched on Tommy about Poncho.