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Steven Ott is the representative of the Democratic politcal party James St. Patrick was a part of, she represented Lorette Walsh during her campaign for governor.

Steven Ott is a minor character in Season 6. He returns as the secondary antagonist in Power Book II: Ghost Season 1 and a minor character in season 2.


Season 6

Steven Ott walks into U.S. attorney Jacob Warner's office after he finds out about Warner signing an order to re-open the casket of Angela Valdes, former assistant U.S. attorney and late sister of Paz Valdes. Ott then warns Warner the against St. Patrick was closed and orders him not to re-open the case.

Ott appears once again after councilman Tate asks him for his approval to continue his campaign for governor New York and Ott utterly refuses. After the death of their soon to be lieutenant governor James St. Patrick, Lorette gives Tate an offer to replace St. Patrick her lieutenant governor. However, he rejects her offers by saying "it's either governor or nothing". Steven Ott then makes a deal with Tate to allow him to rebuild his campaign for governor of New York.

Power Book II: Ghost

Season 1

Steven Ott returns in the spin-off with John Mak because they want newly hired U.S. attorney Cooper Saxe to charge Tasha St. Patrick for the murder of her husband under the Kingpin Statue (Queenpin in this case) and they set up the arrest warrant for him. After the local case gets moved back to a federal case, Tate gets issued a subpoena by Tasha's lawyer and Ott then makes it go away by telling him what he wants him to tell the judge in order to cover the true identity of Ghost.

Saxe and Davis make their final decisions on who to pick for the grand jury of the murder trial, which leaves Ott concerned that the grand jury will vote not guilty just to get a date with Tasha. Ott then asks an old friend to give a prison inmate named Francis Johnson drop his drug charges because Saxe needs him as a witness for his trial, and he can only get 2bit to the stand if he gets full immunity in return. However, this backfires after 2bit takes advantage by committing perjury on the stand since all he had to do was answer Saxe's questions to the "best of his knowledge", which leaves Ott furious with Cooper Saxe.

In the season finale, Ott forces Saxe to resign after he calls Tasha's son to the stand and gets exposed for recording a drugged at his father's grave. Tariq included that he saw Saxe with a gun in his hand at the crime scene. Ott then makes a deal with Davis to offer his client full immunity and witness protection if she testifies that Tommy Egan killed James St. Patrick.


  • Control Cooper Saxe (succeeded)
  • Charge Tasha with the queenpin statue (succeeded)
  • Make sure Tasha gets the needle (failed)


  • Despite being the secondary antagonist in Power Book II season 1, he can be seen as the true main antagonist as he did blackmail Saxe into taking down Tasha.